#FreeToBe Crafty and Clean with all free clear #ad

This post is sponsored by all free clear but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. Crafts are a big part of my life. With a busy 4-year-old who only goes to preschool 2 days a week I have a lot of time to occupy during the day. So we craft a lot. With crafting … [More…]

Dr. Scholl’s Making Comfort Rad!

Dr. Scholl’s Sportie LA Event The name Dr. Scholl’s is synonymous with foot care.  Does your husband use the foot powder? Maybe your kid has had athlete’s foot. Gross, I know. Or possibly you know Dr. Scholl’s due to orthotics machines at Rite Aid or CVS that you are forever trying to get your kids … [More…]

Powerarmz & Powerstepz will light up your world!

  Powerstepz and Powerarmz are these super cool new LED safety lights by 4id. The Powerstepz attach easily to your shoes and the Powerarmz attach easily to your arm. They are mostly meant for running in the dark but there are lots of other uses for them as we found out the other night.   … [More…]

Alkaline 88 Water And Brande Roderick

  Alkaline Water is known to have amazing benefits and it has been a trend for the past 5 years. However to get Alkaline water  you have to buy an expensive machine or buy it at a high end supermarket. But that is not the case anymore! Alkaline 88 is now available in your everyday grocery … [More…]

Just JJ Jewelry: a little something for everyone

Just JJ Jewelry is a custom made-to-order shop that offers Jewelry, Purse Charms, Wine Charms and anything else you can think of. It has a little something for everyone! The other day one of the “J’s” Jenn (the other one is Jessica) posted on Facebook about some new purse charms she was making. For those … [More…]

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