Thanksgiving Brussel Sprouts

Recipe/Photography/Videography By Sheena Chang. Follow Sheena on Instagram at foodiewithflair This Brussels sprouts dish that just screams Thanksgiving to me! Featuring Trader Joe’s new “Everything But the Leftovers” seasoning, this was super tasty. I roasted the Brussels sprouts in the air fryer with that seasoning, and then topped it off with some goat cheese, pomegranate … [More…]

Tips on how to make great guacamole

Tips on how to make great guacamole Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone! Here are some tips on how to make the perfect guacamole from Cabo Flats chef Antonio Brodziak. Buy the right avocado: Everybody knows that guacamole is consisted of avocado, but people often use just regular avocados, losing flavor in the process. Ripe Hass … [More…]

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