50 Places To Find Fresh Poke In Orange County

Whether you like Poke bowls, Poke Burritos or Poke Tacos, Orange County has a ton of delicious places to get fresh, healthy and affordable Poke. As a foodie myself, I eat Poke as often as I can so I would love to share the best places to find this delicious Hawaiian style fish. Here are 50 Places to find Fresh Poke in Orange County.

I have tried many of these places, often twice and many are on my to do list. I hope you find your favorite spot and please let me know if I have missed a hidden gem that you think is worth adding.

50 Places To Find Fresh Poke In Orange County


Credit: @hungrygirl325

credit: @lettherebefood

credit:lovefish Poke

credit:maka poke

credit:big fish little fish


credit: California Fish Grill


credit: Las Brisas

Where is your favorite place to get Poke in Orange County?

For restaurant reviews in the OC please visit www.eatdrinkoc.com.

Collage Photo Credits (left to right): Poke Roll 808, h20 poke grill, Fish District, dailyfoodfeed, J Fish Premium Poke, Maka Poke, Cubed Poke, Big Fish Little Fish, CA Fish Grill, Project Poke, Uroko Cafe, Poke Works.

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