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Just JJ Jewelry Giants

Just JJ Jewelry is a custom made-to-order shop that offers Jewelry, Purse Charms, Wine Charms and anything else you can think of. It has a little something for everyone! The other day one of the “J’s” Jenn (the other one is Jessica) posted on Facebook about some new purse charms she was making. For those of you that don’t know I am a paranormal investigator (check out our website www.paranormalhousewives.com) and I wrote back on her post that if she could make me a Paranormal Investigator purse charm then I would for sure get one. A few days later I got a message saying she was able to find all the stuff needed to make one so of course I bought one!

Just JJ Jewelry ghost hunting

This is what came in the mail…….is that not the cutest thing you have ever seen!!! I of course got pink because that’s my favorite color and the color of the Paranormal Housewives. She also put our initials on it: PHW which I didn’t even have to ask for! I was so giddy about my purchase that I immediately asked her if I could write a post about it because I think everyone should have a purse charm! Check out some of the other charms they have made.




Just JJ Jewelry baseball

For all you sports fans out there they can pretty much do any sports or sports teams you can possibly imagine. Giants, 49rs, Angels, Dodgers…anything! If you have 2 favorite teams then they can make you purse charms for both OR you can get one customized with both teams!

Just JJ Jewelry camping

They can also do hobbies and interests. When you go to their website and you don’t see your choice in their drop down menu just send them a message and see if they can add one for you. They will research it and let you know.




Just JJ Jewelry Wine Charms


They also do Wine Charms customized to your specifications. Wine Charms are the little charms you put around the stem of your wine glass so you know which one is yours.

These are just a few examples of what Jen and Jessica can make. Head on over to their website and order something that you have always wanted. Customize it exactly how you like it and Jen and Jessica will work their magic and send you something adorable, affordable and totally awesome!

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