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Alkaline Water is known to have amazing benefits and it has been a trend for the past 5 years. However to get Alkaline water  you have to buy an expensive machine or buy it at a high end supermarket. But that is not the case anymore! Alkaline 88 is now available in your everyday grocery stores in your neighborhood! Brande Roderick, celebrity spokes person for Alkaline 88made the switch to drinking Alkaline water for herself and her family and found the results in her life to be amazing! Brande took some time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions for Family Review Guide and I would love to share them:

Brande Roderick Interview On Alkaline 88

When did you start drinking Alkaline Water and What health changes did you start noticing when you first started?

I started drinking alkaline water last August and I’m now addicted to it. When I’m traveling and don’t have access to my Alkaline 88, I notice a huge difference in my skin and my energy. It also helps me with my heartburn. I’ve always tried to live a moderately alkaline lifestyle, but now with alkaline water, it makes it much easier to balance my PH.

Did you make any other health changes along with it?

It’s made drinking more water easier. Because Alkaline 88 comes in bulk, I now know exactly how much I need a day as opposed to trying to remember how many of the little bottles I’ve had and how many more I need to still drink. Having one big jug takes the guessing out of it.

As a writer for a family lifestyle blog I would like to know if you would recommend this product for children? 

I cannot recommend anything for other people’s children. I can only speak from my experiences.  The only water my kids drink is Alkaline 88 and it’s by choice. One night when I was putting my boys to bed, I forgot to bring up their water, and of course, they asked for water before bed, and instead of going all the way downstairs to get the alkaline water, I went to their bathroom and used the faucet water.  My then three-year-old proceeded to say, “Ew, mommy, this water’s gross. I want alkaline water.” I kid you not, they absolutely notice the difference and I’ll never try that again.

Do you use Alkaline 88 in all of your food and drinks like coffee, tea or cooking? 

Yes, you can use it in tea and coffee.

Does it taste different than regular water and will children notice?

Yes, it tastes better.

 Are there any potential side effects related to drinking alkaline water? 

I’ve had none and don’t know of any with our level of PH which is 8.8.

How does one know if they are out of PH balance? 

You will feel sluggish and tired, have dry skin and probably get sick often.

Many of my readers own family pets. Can people give alkaline water to their pets?

I would recommend people asking their vets, however, I’ve googled animals drinking alkaline water and all were positive. Here is one:


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