Pinecone Parrot Craft


Last week I was cleaning out our garage and I came across a bunch of craft materials that I bought but had never used. I was online that evening and I came across a fun post by My Bright Firefly for these adorable Pinecone Parrots.  Here are the instructions on how to make them!


Materials Needed

  • Pipe Cleaner
  • Molding Clay (play-doh works fine)
  • Googly eyes
  • Feathers
  • Paint
  • Paintbrushes

(All of these I purchased at Michael’s)


First take some clay and mold it into a parrot beak. Once formed press it into the front of the pinecone.


Then add some googly eyes.


Then  take a pipe cleaner and I wrap it around the cone, tighten it, and form the toes with the ends.  Then take your paint and paint your pinecone to your desired colors. You may have to leave it outside to dry . Once dry, gather some colorful feathers.


Place them into the pinecone. I used a hot glue gun to keep them in place.


Now you have a beautiful Pinecone Parrot.



DIY Candy Corn Votives

candy corn

With Halloween coming, candles are the perfect accessory for any party. Today I was at the dollar store and picked up some materials to make DIY votives made from candy corn and tea lights. The glass containers are only $1 at your local dollar store as well as a bag of tea lights for another $1 and a bag of candy corn for less than that.

DIY Candy Corn Votive Instructions

  1. Empty bag of candy corn into glass container
  2. Add tea light on top
  3. Light and enjoy!

candy corn22

Final Product


collage candy corn


Freebie! St. Patrick’s Day Printable



St. Patrick’s Day Printable

Hey there! I’m back this week with a freebie and downloadable printable! As much as I love photography, I also love designing beautiful things on my computer. Plus, I can make things look however I want! I wanted to add a little fun color for March in my house and this was the perfect little print.  St. Patrick’s Day Printable sized at 5×7, print your jpg at home or your local lab and done!

Plus, I was thinking… what other fun St. Patrick’s Day things could I do this month?

1. Make a list of things I’m lucky to have. It’s such a wonderful feeling when we take the time to be grateful.

2. With kids old enough to know their shapes, go on a scavenger hunt for a four-leaf clover!

3. Wear green of course…it’s not my color so I don’t really own green shirts but I do have a killer green nail polish :)

4. Fun excuse to decorate with chocolate….place gold coins in a little candy jar!

5. My favorite tradition since I was in college….on St. Patrick’s Day…make everything green! Green milk, eggs & pancakes for breakfast!!! Enjoy!!!

Freebie! Valentine Printable + Photo Checklist

Valentine Printable

Download Here


I recently purchased some darling digital scrapbook papers and I felt creative enough to create a little valentine printable! These are 4×6 so you can order some though your local print lab or just on card stock at home. Write directly on the valentine and gift to a loved one!

StudioCopy -untitled shoot-472


Also, as Valentine’s Day is such a sweet holiday, especially with kids, thought I’d share a little checklist of images to capture this month:

1. Valentine cards that you give out. Have a child hold the valentines in his hands and take a shot!

2. Exchanging of cards. If you volunteer at a classroom party, capture the love!

3. All the Valentines RECEIVED. Little guy a total charmer who came home with 20 gifts? Capture that pile!

4. Flowers….red roses…tulips…all of them. Such happy colors in red, pink, or white.

5. Candlelight dinner. Whether it’s a family of just two or a family full of kids, I’ve been seeing cute ideas for a candlelight dinner set with fancy plates and glasses. A romantic evening to share with those you love, even the little ones!

6. Fun dates. Take that camera on a fun date with your loved one, capture the moment.

7.  If a photographer (such as myself) offers a theme Valentine session, take advantage of it! Kids look SO darling with some Valentine props.

8. Valentine Decor around the house

9. Heart shapes….whether it’s food, paper, crafts or chocolate!

10. Hugs and kisses…siblings, parents, friends…capture that expression of love.


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