Combine Your Wallet and Smartphone With Card Ninja



How many times have you needed to run into the store for just 1 item and you don’t want to lug your entire purse with you? Now you don’t have to with the Card Ninja! This sleek little universal pouch attaches directly to the back of your smartphone giving you easy access to credit cards, cash, drivers licenses, rewards cards or anything else you might need.

Card Ninja Features

  • Attaches easily, just like a sticker.
  • Removable.
  • Extremely slim.
  • Holds your valuables securely.
  • Flexible enough to hold one card or up to 8. Cash too!
  • No more need for a bulky wallet or purse.

No more fumbling through your wallet trying to find the right card, or struggling to try to pull your drivers license out of that tight little plastic pocket in your wallet. The Card Ninja has a neoprene pouch where you can fit up to 8 cards and cash!

How does the Card Ninja Attach To My Phone?

Just peel the backing off the sticky side of the Card Ninja and place it on the back of your phone. Easy-peasy. It is very secure and will not ruin your phone.

What Colors Does The Card Ninja Come in?

Black, Steel, Eggplant, Gold, Blue Raspberry and Majenta.

Who is The Card Ninja Ideal For?

Runners, Moms, Dog Walkers, beach dwellers, and more


For more information visit the Card Ninja on Facebook and Twitter.


Pong Intelligent Case




Having a case on my phone is extremely vital. Not only do I use my phone 90% of the day but I also drop it often (shhh, don’t tell my husband). I read recently that it is not a good idea to sleep with your phone next to you due to the small amounts of radiation that are emitted so I have started putting it on my night table  further away. Then I learned about The Pong Intelligent case and couldn’t wait to try it.  I was amazed that there is a built-in Antennae on this case that is compatible with all carriers.  How does it work you ask?well, The Pong case pairs with the antenna inside your phone, and redirects the cell phone radiation away from you. I find that to be pretty impressive.

It is also very easy to clean. All you need is a damp cloth to wipe it down and that is it!



The box it arrived in was of very high quality so I knew right away the case would be too. I chose a crimson red color for my white iphone and it looks great! If you look on the inside cover you will notice at the bottom it says: “Pong is proven in independant labs certified by the FCC”.  I like that it is regulated.

Facts about The Pong Case

  • The Reality: Up to 50% of a cellphone signal can be absorbed by the head and body. Your device emits a signal all the time–even while on standby.
  • The Solution: Pong cases are built with patented intelligent antenna technology that re-shapes the radio frequency (RF) signal to reduce exposure to radiation while simultaneously optimizing the outbound signal.
  • The Validation: Third party FCC-certified labs have validated that Pong cases significantly decrease the amount of radiation that can be absorbed your head and body while using your phone or carrying it in your pocket.
  • The Numbers: The Pong Sleek Case for the iPhone 6 reduces radiation exposure 89% below the industry standard limit and the Pong iPhone 6 Rugged Case reduces it by 90%. 
  • The Portfolio: Phone cases come in a variety of colors and in Sleek and Rugged options for $49.99 and $59.99. iPad cases cost around $99.99 depending on the model. All cases can be found at

Buy one for yourself and one as a gift! It’s a unique gift!


The Nyne Cruiser – A fantastic Bluetooth speaker

Nyne Cruiser Speaker

A few weeks ago I was at my Stroller Strides class and my daughter wanted to listen to Frozen the soundtrack. I turned on my phone and set it on top of the stroller and continued my class. It not only fell off my stroller but she could hardly hear it! So I decided enough was enough and I got this FANTASTIC speaker called The Cruiser by Nyne.

Nyne Cruiser Speaker 4 square

It comes inside a very sturdy box so it wasn’t damaged in the shipping at all. In the box was an instruction manual, a soft side case (which has cool buttons on the case so you can even listen while the speaker is in the case), a few cords to plug into the computer and your cell phone (to charge it and if you don’t want to use the Bluetooth function), clips for a bicycle or stroller and the speaker itself. I decided to get the blue one but it comes in several different colors.


Nyne Cruiser Speaker with girls

When I got to Stroller Strides with my new speaker the ladies loved it! They thought it was really cool how it was Bluetooth enabled and had that cool case. They also liked that it could clip onto the stroller. I played them some tunes off my phone and they were floored at how loud it could get! Then Kiera, the owner of Stroller Strides and our instructor for the day started class.

Nyne Cruiser Speaker with Rylee

Rylee wanted to hold the speaker instead of me clipping it to the Stroller so I let her hold it. I played the Frozen soundtrack for her and she held the speaker and sang to the music the entire class period! I am HIGHLY impressed with this speaker as were the ladies in class. It is very durable and the bottom has rubber feet so it also stays put wherever you set it down. All the ladies wanted to know how to get one. I sent them to the Nyne website so they could get more info.

So if you are shopping around for a Bluetooth speaker head on over to the Nyne website. The quality is amazing and they have several different styles and colors to choose from to fit your lifestyle.

You can also find Nyne products at the following social media sites:


Celeb Calls a la Justin Beiber

justin beiber

This morning I played the greatest prank on one of our favorite babysitters whom we love to pieces! She is a die-hard Justin Beiber Fan and talks about him non stop. She has been to many of his concerts and is madly in love with him. So yesterday, I was offered a chance to use an app called “Celeb Calls” where you can personalize a call from a favorite celebrity  or sports figure (it’s their real voice, not an impersonator) to call one of your friends, family, or coworkers. Being that Justin was arrested yesterday and his mug shot was plastered all over the internet I thought this would be the PERFECT surprise for her. We teased her relentlessly yesterday about her “boyfriend” getting arrested and  how he needs to be spanked.

Celeb Calls is a revolutionary online platform as well as a mobile app and makes the perfect gift for both kids and adults.  With customizable settings, users are able to create unique greetings picking the names, locations, hobbies, relationships, descriptions and countless other variables – making the experience realistic and unforgettable.

Some of the celebrities include:

  • Justin Bieber (Singer)
  • Kendall Schmidt (Big Time Rush)
  • Logan Henderson (Big Time Rush)
  • Ice-T (Actor)
  • Paul Pierce (NBA All-Star with the Brooklyn Nets)
  • Charlie Sheen (Actor)
  • Snoop Dogg (Rapper)
  • Mike Tyson (Heavyweight Boxing Legend)
  • Ben Roethlisberger (NFL Quarterback for Pittsburgh Steelers)
  • Kendall & Kyle Jenner (Reality Star)
  • Reggie Bush (Detroit Lions Running Back)

So the call I chose to send to our babysitter used this dialogue:

“What’s up Sara. Hey how are you doing? Do you know who you’re talking to? Well this is Justin. Justin Beiber. This is not a joke, it’s really me I promise. I don’t normally get a chance to call fans personally but I hear you are my biggest fan. Is that right? Well I’m here with (my name) which you already know since I’m talking to you on her phone and we were just sitting here talking and they told me about you. They told me you’d just freak out if I just called you up and talked to you for a quick second. Hold on for a minute, they’re trying to tell me something…alright I got it. They really wanted me to tell you “Good Morning!”.  Now don’t forget to swag it out today and I know there’s lots to do in California but keep following your dreams and if you work hard enough, who know where you might end up? Anyway, I’ve got to get back to what I was doing, but don’t forget to have a great day alright? Peace”.


I got a text a minute later from our babysitter of 10 smiley faces that had tears from laughing so hard. She said she nearly peed herself when she got the call.
I was glad I could make her smile first thing in the morning.


With Valentine’s Day coming up this would make a great gift. So, forgo the traditional candy hearts, chocolate and flowers and give the gift they will never forget, a call from CelebCalls!

Monitor And Protect Your Kids in the Digital World


How many of you have kids that have Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts, Instagram accounts etc…? Do you safely monitor all of their activity? Sure we can spy on our kids, ask them for their passwords, etc…but sometimes there is only so much you can do short of not letting them have an account all together. If you want to monitor your child’s activity online there is a fantastic resource out there called ZABRA that will help monitor and protect your kids in the digital world.

ZABRA exists to provide support and guidance to parents with children who are active users of social media networks. ZABRA monitors a child’s activities and communications while using popular social media sites, and provides parents guidance on how to discuss difficult issues with their children. Parents don’t allow their children to talk to strangers, or go to places they aren’t familiar. ZABRA helps parents exercise the same precautions in the online world by placing a halo of digital protection around children while they are interacting with social media.

With ZABRA you can monitor the following sites:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Google+
  • Myspace
  • …and more

Teens and Tweens may know more about digital lifestyle than you, but kids lack the experience to keep themselves out of trouble online and in the real world. ZABRA bridges the gap.

For question about ZABRA please visit FAQ or visit

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