Powerarmz & Powerstepz will light up your world!

Powerarmz and stepz by 4id


Powerstepz and Powerarmz are these super cool new LED safety lights by 4id. The Powerstepz attach easily to your shoes and the Powerarmz attach easily to your arm. They are mostly meant for running in the dark but there are lots of other uses for them as we found out the other night.




So on Halloween I decided to give the them a try. I gave the Powerstepz to my 9 year old son to see if he could put them on himself and how they worked. He was able to get them on really easily. Here is a video of him putting them on:

He then put the Powerarmz on his upper arm. Again it was super easy to put on and you can either keep the light on steadily or have it blink. He wanted it to be on all the time. As we were trick or treating it was so awesome I could see him as he ran down the street. His shoes lit up and his arm lit up so I could keep an eye on where he was going without actually being right there with him. Which of course made him completely happy since mom being by your side is just not cool when you are 9! I can see how these would work great with anyone who likes to run/workout in the dark. I went on their website (www.4id.com)and was totally impressed! 4id seeks to advance the safety and comfort of everyday active people from weekend warriors to full-time athletes (and kids too!). They offer a range of sports identification and safety products to keep you not only confident but motivated. I highly recommend these products as a great safety measure so you can be seen in the dark

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