Disney Pixar’s Cars3 Activity Pack



Recap Of Disney Pixar’s Cars3

This film brings all the excitement and thrills of the previous two Cars stories to provide new twists and exciting turns. Cars 3 includes the favorite characters of Lightning McQueen, Mater, Sally, and others from Radiator Springs to the latest racing scene. The director wastes no time to demonstrate Lightning’s strong desire to win, and his struggles to stay competitive as he gets older.

Lightning seeks out help for his latest hopes in achieving greatness on the racing track, but soon learns that a will to win and past successes cannot always beat the faster and more aggressive young rookies. Through a series of plot twists and a new sponsor, he learns to sharpen his skills with the help of his trainer, Cruz Ramirez. She’s had dreams of being a top racer her whole life, and enjoys the challenge of helping Lightning regain some competitive strategies. Meanwhile, he also remembers the importance of relying on his former mentors (Doc Hudson, and Doc’s trainer) for advice and new coaching. The film takes a close look at the star’s journey through the challenges of ageism, stereotypes, and teacher-student relationships. It’s full of warm social messages, mixed in with action and humor. As Pixar has achieved with its past successes, Cars 3 appeals to a wide audience and will keep the kids smiling along with the parents for a memorable experience.

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Watch a Clip Of Cars3

Take a look at all the excitement that is in store for you! Cars3 is action packed and full of smiles!

Cars 3 Activity Pack

Keep the kids busy on a hot summer day with these Cars3 activities. Just download them and print them out and you’ll be on your way to  Cars3 fun in the sun!

Download (PDF, 195KB)

Download (PDF, 271KB)

Download (PDF, 1005KB)

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Be Part Of The Action in Ghost Town Alive At Knott’s Berry Farm



Get ready for an interactive experience where cowboys, robberies, judges and hoedowns are just a normal part of the day. Knott’s Berry Farms Ghost Town Alive is back through September 4th and guests of the park will have the opportunity to capture bandits and keep the town safe. Ghost Town Alive! will offer guests a firsthand experience to play an important part in this unfolding story of the wild west, with specific tasks and activities and an essential role as an honorary citizen.

From 10:00 am to 5:30 pm here are examples of some of the Ghost Town Alive! experiences:

    • Get sworn in as a deputy and stop the Mayfield bank robbery
    • Participate in a good ol’ fashioned hoedown
    • Visit the town barber and get your very own mustache of choicE
    • Get your own copy of the Ghost Town Newspaper
    • Meet the Mayor here and become a citizen of Calico
    • Visit Horses and a mule
    • Wash Clothes and hang dry them
    • Learn how to sew a dress

Watch a Day At Ghost Town Alive

Wash clothes on a washboard and hang them up to dry.  You can put yourself in jail or read a copy of the Calico Gazette. On the day we visited it happened to be Founder’s Day!

Stop by the seamstress shop and learn how to sew a dress! There is a real seamstress there that will explain everything you need to know including needlepoint!

Don’t forget to watch the high energy Wild West Stunt show where stunts in the show include gun fights, awesome music, knife throwing and falls from various heights. Please note there are loud gun shots (fake) toward the beginning of the show, so for anyone with noise sensitivities in your group be advised.

Snoopy’s Magnificent Magical  Revue

Prepare to be amazed as Snoopy becomes the Great Houndini in the brand new stage show, “Snoopy’s Magnificent Magical Revue!” The Peanuts Gang will take you on an adventure of magical exploits and lavish musical numbers in this family friendly show.

Food At Knott’s Berry Farm

Fried Chicken is a staple when visiting Knott’s Berry Farm. The chicken fried to perfection and so juicy and flavorful and be sure to pair it with some creamy mashed potatoes. You can dine at Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner restaurant and you can also get your chicken to go.

No meal would be complete without a slice of Boysenberry pie. A  buttery, golden, flakey crust hold rich flavorful boysenberries that burst with every bite.


Ride The New Sol Spin

The new thrill ride Sol Spin is now open! Sol Spin sends brave guests on a thrilling adventure over 6 stories high as they rotate in all directions on one of six spinning arms. Each arm rotates 360 degrees independent of one another providing a different experience every ride.

For more information visit Knott’s Berry Farm on Facebook and on Twitter.


New Lego® Star Wars: The Force Awakens Miniland Model Display



Are you a Star Wars Fan?

Well we are, and this year’s LEGO Star Wars Days at Legloland in Carlsbad, California was EPIC!  My family enjoyed a fun filled day that included tons of Star War’s inspired events and games. The interactive experience was extraordinary and full of surprises! 

Visitors came from afar from distant planets dressed as their favorite Star Wars characters. We saw young Jedis, Droids, and Clone Troopers. 

The enthusiasm was far out! 

Thank you Legoland for inviting my family to LEGO Star Wars Days. All opinions are my own.


Event Included:

  • Meet and Greet- We met with our favorite characters from a galaxy far, far away! 
  • Family Build Challenge-  In this fast paced challenge, teams had to create a themed LEGO model.
  • Jedi Trivia- Fans were tested on their Jedi knowledge.
  • Miniland Scavenger Hunt- Visitors searched for eight trivia questions at LEGO Star Wars Miniland.
  • Lego Star Wars Video Games- Visitors played Star Wars games that defended the universe.
  • Lego Stars Costume Contest- 3 Best dresse Star Wars Characters were chosen daily.
  • Droid Hunt with Costumed Fan Groups- Visitors picked up and wore  Droid Hunt Badge. Imperial personnel checked badges and asked, “How long have you had these Droids?” Tickets were given to win a prize.

If you missed LEGO Star Wars Days, you can still visit the LEGO Star Wars Miniland! 

The Force is strong in LEGOLAND® California Resort’s LEGO® STAR WARS Miniland and for the ultimate STAR WARS fan, this is a must-see! Embark on a journey through the seven different LEGO STAR WARS scenes, made of more than 1.5 million LEGO bricks, featuring one scene from each of the six movies.

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For more information visit Legoland on Facebook and Twitter. Follow along with updates on new attractions, new restaurants and more! You can also view updates on their waterpark.

Angela Camacho is a Latina lifestyle blogger at http://www.queenbeelatina.com with a passion for adventure, travel, culture, food, and entertainment.

Family Guide To Sea World San Diego

Summer is in full swing and it feels fabulous! No setting alarm clocks, no packing lunches and best of all, no car lines!!! So what do you do to stay busy?  Head over to SeaWorld and check out some of the new additions that have been added to the park. Guests of all ages will dive into an all-new realm of deep-sea discovery with OCEAN EXPLORER.  Multiple aquariums, exciting rides and digital technologies combine to create an experience centered on exploration and adventure, inspiring guests to protect the wonders of our oceans. here are some tips on how to enjoy your day!

Arrive Early

I absolutely cannot express this enough. By arriving early you will get a premium parking spot 1 row behind reserved parking. It is so close to the front gate you won’t believe it until you see it! Also, by arriving early you can take the time to rent a stroller or a wheelchair. We had to rent a wheelchair because my husband just had knee surgery a week prior and he couldn’t walk long distances. The rental process is a breeze and only takes a few minutes.

Also, there are  four salt and sea water tanks filled with sea life friends that the kids can explore before the park opens.You can  go from one tank to another to explore the feeder fish, horseshoe crabs, rays, and shark pups.

Ride Manta First (Watch it in action)

This is an extremely popular ride and the line gets long quickly so make sure you ride this one first and cross it off your checklist. Manta is a flying roller coaster, which simulates the sensation of flight. It is designed to resemble the way rays—mantas in particular—appear to fly through seawater. Loading is quick because they have two trains and the ride feels long and is totally worth it!

Be Sure To Feed The Sea Lions

Silly as this sounds, feeding the sea lions was the highlight of my visit to SeaWorld San Diego. For $5 you’ll get a tray of fish to feed these silly sea lions. But be sure to cover them because as you can see in my video the birds will come out of nowhere and swipe them right out of your hand.

Wild Arctic has a NON-Motion Option

This is a fun ride and even my 6-year-old enjoyed it. You get tossed around a bit because you are supposed to be in a helicopter but it is really fun.

Guests have the option to ride on a non motion gyrostabilized helicopter, completely bypassing the motion simulation. The same video that is played in the motion ride is played in the non motion theater, but watching is optional as guests can walk through the room at any time.

Visit The Turtles At Turtle Reef

Turtles are such majestic creatures and they are so peaceful to watch in their environment. The turtles at turtle reef seem friendly and  engaging. You might even get an up closeencounter like we did!

Don’t Miss The Orca Encounter

No longer do the trainers get in the water with the whales! Now guests get to Encounter majestic killer whales and experience their natural behavior up close. Here are some of the things you will learn in the show:

  • See natural behaviors up close while an expansive infinity screen brings the killer whales’ story to life.
  • Learn about their hunting techniques and complex communication codes.
  • Learn about the role of family and the importance of play.

Meet The Characters


Little kids will be so excited to meet Elmo and Oscar The Grouch inside Sesame Street Bay Of Play! We also ran into a Seaworld Shark for a fun photo opp. Be sure to turn your kids loose in the Bay Of Play for an hour or so and let them burn off some energy. They have an amazing rope course.

Ocean Explorer is Perfect for the In Betweens

If you have kids who are too old for the Sesame Street Area but not old enough for the big rides like Manta, Ocean Explorer is the place to be! The signature ride of the attraction is Submarine Quest, boasting the world’s first interactive digital ride using “smart play” technology, which enables riders to guide their mission of oceanic exploration.  As adventurers on a scientific expedition, guests will glide through brightly colored coral reefs, collecting data as they travel to the depths of the ocean while encountering remarkable and mysterious sea creatures.

After disembarking Submarine Quest, guests can get up close to real giant Pacific octopuses, Japanese spider crabs and California moray eels in three uniquely designed aquariums.  Interactive surprises—like pop-up bubbles and a kid crawl— get younger guests face to face with these incredible species.

The Ocean Explorer realm will also feature Tentacle Twirl, an exhilarating wave swinger ride where guests will literally fly in chairs suspended from the tentacles of a giant jelly. Three additional family-friendly rides—Aqua Scout, a jump-around ride; OctaRock, a happy swing ride; and Sea Dragon Drop, a family free-fall tower—will round out the fun of this immersive, new attraction.

Get a Fresh Salad made to order at The Dock House Baja Grill

If you’re looking for something healthy with some yummy protein, head over to The Dock House Baja Grill for a fresh made to order salad. They grill all the meats and chop them up right in front of you! The salads come with Crisp Lettuce, Black Beans, Roasted Corn, Pico de Gallo Salsa, Guacamole, Sour Cream, Crunchy Tortilla Chips and Flame-Broiled Citrus Chili Chicken.

For more information visit SeaWorld on Facebook and Twitter.


New Additions To Legoland Waterpark


Summer is so close you can taste it! And there is no better way to celebrate the kids getting out of school than a fun day at Legoland waterpark, where kids can splash, float, slide and swim until their hearts content! Last month we attended a touching media event where more than 50 children and their families from the Los Angeles and San Diego chapters of Ronald McDonald House Charities® were treated to an exclusive day at LEGOLAND® Water Park as LEGOLAND® California Resort splashed out to summer! LEGOLAND Water Park is bigger, wetter and better this summer with the addition of the newest California beach-themed area, Surfers’ Cove, opening June 30, 2017.

Watch A Day At Legoland Waterpark

Surfers Cove Is New At The Park


Opening June 30th,  Surfers’ Cove is a new addition to the waterpark where kids will be able to race their friends at Riptide Racers timed water slides, enjoy an epic splash-ground at Wipeout Lagoon and enlighten their taste buds with the new Beach Street Tacos! Riptide Racers is a competitive water raceway designed for children to jump on a mat and race down one of six slides with family and friends for the fastest time! Each slide stands 17 feet high and is more than 100 feet in length. Wipeout Lagoon is their version of a “spray ground” with multiple water jets splashing on and off and plenty of new LEGO® models like a surfing dog to create a fun place to cool off this summer.

Chima WaterPark

chima waterpark

Chima Waterpark is now open and includes:

  • CRAGGER’S SWAMP – Have you ever tried to slide through the mouth of a Crocodile? Here’s your chance!

  • CROOLER’S TWIST – With more than 50 fun features in Cragger’s Swamp, Crooler’s Twist slide is just one of them!

  • CRUG’S RUN – After sliding through the head of a massive crocodile at Cragger’s Swamp, stop by Crug’s Run for more water fun!

  • EGLOR’S BUILD-A-BOAT – Build a LEGO boat of your own design. The rushing water and winding turns past CHIMA scenes and building stations make this fun-filled race to the finish.

  • LION TEMPLE WAVE POOL – With a LEGO lion head archway and a 30-foot high Mt. Cavora, it’s like a journey to CHIMA itself. With lots of fun, rolling waves, of course!

Duplo Splash Safari


This is such a fun place to hang out with your little ones. Ages 3-7 do really great here! They have giant DUPLO Zoo animals, interactive spray pads, fountains, teeter totter; all great for the younger/shorter kids. This area also has three smaller slides that my younger ones could ride.

Food At Legoland Waterpark

In addition to the new areas opening at Legoland Waterpark is also adding a new restaurant to this section called beach street tacos which will open the same time. We tried some of the new fish tacos they will be serving and they were off the hook! Crispy battered fish with fresh pico de gallo served on a warm tortilla makes me a very happy mom.

LEGOLAND Water Park is open seven days a week starting Friday, May 26. For ticket prices, operating schedule and additional information, visit www.LEGOLAND.com or call 760-918-LEGO (5346).

How will you #splashout summer?

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