Interview With The Blue Man Group Las Vegas

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Whether you have seen them live in concert, or on TV or on a Billboard, there’s no mistaking who The Blue Man Group are. These blue-skinned, silent, yet hilariously talented musical artists are undeniably one of the world’s best entertainers! It’s impossible not to laugh or smile when you watch them on stage and they give a performance like nothing you have ever seen before. This is one show I tell people to add to their bucket list and if you are lucky enough to see them at the Luxor you may have a few questions like I did. The Blue Men were kind enough to answer a few questions I had for them so hopefully you will have a better understanding of how this incredible show works.

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Q & A with The Blue Man Group Las Vegas

FRG: Who creates the music for the show?

Blue Man Group: Still artist-owned and operated and based in NYC, Blue Man Productions has extensive production facilities, recording studios and a 6,000 square foot R&D Lab with numerous new creative projects in the pipeline. We have a team of amazing musicians and creatives that collaborate together to create the many masterpieces that you hear every night.

FRG: How are the performers selected and do they have diverse musical experience?

Blue Man Group: A Blue Man performer has the unique opportunity to utilize their artistic abilities in an exciting and dynamic experience unmatched by any other stage production. Blue Man Group holds auditions throughout the year, nationally and abroad, seeking individuals with the unique qualities to be a Blue Man, including trained actors with physical theater, clowning, improvisation skills and drumming/musical skills.

FRG: Audience participation is an important part of the show. How does the Blue Man Group choose who to pick out from the audience?

Blue Man Group: All of the audience members chosen during the show are organic and unplanned.  It’s up to the Blue Men themselves to work together to choose the perfect audience member.

FRG: How do you train for some of the food acts? (catching marshmallows) etc…

Blue Man Group: We look for candidates that exhibit the qualities of a Blue Man and have a natural talent for performing and drumming.  Some skills are unique to Blue Man Group and are taught during the extensive Blue Man training process.

FRG: How many shows per week does each person perform in and how many hours do they practice?

Blue Man Group: The Blue Men usually perform 6-8 shows each per week.  They’re always working to continue developing their skills and learn new things.  They also come together as a group each night to rehearse a few pieces and prepare for the following shows.

FRG: Are there any plans to tour in Orange County, CA or is that too close to Vegas?

Blue Man Group: The national tour has a few California dates currently scheduled in 2016.  New dates and cities are continually announced and Las Vegas is always a short trip away for Orange County residents.

FRG: How many performers are in a show including all musicians? For the Las Vegas show, we have 8 performers during each show.

Blue Man Group: There are 3 Blue Men and 5 band members between the two band lofts on stage.

FRG: How does Blue Man Group keep the act updated and do you ever improvise in the show?

Blue Man Group: Blue Man Group is ever-evolving creatively and we thrive to keep our show relevant to what is going on in pop culture and the rest of the world. It is continually refreshed with new music, new stories, new instruments and new technology. The show leaves much room for improvisation and we like to think of the audience as the fourth character in the show. The Blue Men interact with the audience to develop each performance into a unique experience.

FRG: Do you ever perform at Birthday Parties, Bar Mitzvah’s and Weddings?

Blue Man Group: While we aren’t available to perform at these events, we have heard from many that attending a Blue Man Group show is the perfect way to celebrate these occasions with friends and family. We have done some exciting performances at special events like the Hollywood Bowl, the Daytime Grammy Awards, and ABC’s Good Morning America.

FRG: How long does it take to get ready for each show and what is required of a complete costume?

Blue Man Group: Each performer has their own process that helps them make the transformation into their character each night.  Our costumes were developed by the founders of Blue Man Group and have become the signature look widely recognized today.

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Interview with Christo Doyle, producer of the hit show “Gold Rush”


We love Discovery Channel and all the adventure they bring to our living room. From Bear Grylls to Mike Rowe, The Discovery Channel has shows that will keep you glued to your television every week. One specific show Family Review Guide enjoys is Gold Rush. We had an opportunity to talk with Christo Doyle, producer of the hit show and we’d love to share it with you. Click here for our interview with Todd Hoffman.


Interview with Christo Doyle from Gold Rush

L: Hi, this is Leif Potter with Family Review Guide.

C: Hi Leif, Nice to meet you.

L: I did an interview with Todd Hoffman last time so I don’t think we’ve ever spoken.

C: God help you (laughing).  It’s Good to talk to Todd.

L: Todd is a hoot.

C: He is. He sure is.

L: I must say the post call editing was fun.

C: Oh yeah, oh yeah. You should see my texts.

L: Yeah, I had to make the copy look good. Don’t talk to him about religion or politics.

C: Oh gosh, no. We have to cut around that when we make the show too, by the way.

L: Yeah, I’m sure you do. So how’s it going? I saw the screener, looked great. Looks like you’ve got a lot of craziness going on already this season.

C: Good to hear. Yeah, the gift that keeps giving.

L: Yeah.

C: Yeah, I mean you never know what’s going to happen when these guys finish mining from one season to the next. There’s always a lot of stuff that unfolds and they had a wacky off-season and it’s translated into quite a season.

L: Yeah, You have a Parker thing. I’m a fan. I watch the show fairly religiously.

C: Great, great. Well, it’s good to hear. It’s good to hear. Always like to know that people love what’s out there so.

L: But watching Parker and all the stuff from the screener, he’s got his hands– his work cut out for him this year.

C: Yeah, he’s had a very rough season as you know. He had a huge gold total last season, but he’s paying a price for it, you know. He’s a rough kid to work for, he can be kind of mercurial. You know, he’s the first one to admit that he had a rough time last year and he wasn’t the best manager, best boss and you know a lot of the grownups on his crew just didn’t want to put up with it anymore so they kind of left him high and dry and created quite a lot of havoc for Parker heading into the season.

L: Yeah, he’s going to have his hands full. And the Hoffmans have a double of the gold total to hit this year?

C: This is the first year in I think two years– two seasons that Todd is actually coming back to a mine from one year to the next. You know the last couple of years he’s been relocating, rebuilding a mine from scratch and he has a huge advantage this year. If he had listened to me and not gone to South America, he would have never been in the situation in the first place but he has to– you know, he has to– you know, it’s a luxury. He gets to spend the off season tweaking his mining plan rather than moving giant equipment around and starting from scratch, which is a gigantic, gigantic advantage for Todd and it was fun to talk to him in the off-season because he was truly excited and he was just– he has very lofty goals this year and he was just trying to get his ducks in a row so he could hit that goal.

L: Yeah, and they have the opportunity of hitting that vein if they hit their goal and hitting the old– the old river mine.

C: Yeah, you know if you’ve watched the show Jack Hoffman always has something in the back of his mind. He’s not– Jack’s not content with you know, getting the kind of gold they’re getting. He’s not content with 50 to 100 ounces a week or what their goals have been so far. He wants to find a big chunk of undiscovered gold. That’s what he was after when he was down in Alaska, kind of cooler heads prevailed and they went up north to get more consistent gold but Jack’s always dreamed of that big find and El Dorado, a vein above El Dorado, the source of all the El Dorado gold, millions and millions of dollars of El Dorado gold has yet to be found and Jack has never stopped thinking about that. So Todd is motivated to hit their gold this season so that he can get access to El Dorado and you’re just going to have to see how it plays out. It’s pretty incredible.

L: Yeah, I’m looking at that piece of quartz that he pulled out of there with the gold just sitting right in there. You wonder where that is and if they’re going to be able to find it.

C: You know back in the day, they didn’t have the technology to– or the knowledge of geology that there’s a giant vein somewhere that’s been slowly eroded over time and then created all this gold in the El Dorado valley and we now know that and we now have the means to try and get at that– at that faultline so– and whatever that– wherever that vein is. So, you know, it’s something. It’s definitely possible and Peter Tallman, the McKinnon Creek goldmine owner and the guy who owns the claims in El Dorado, is the– that’s where the idea came from. So it’s not a Hoffman pipe dream, it’s real.

L: Yeah. Yeah, it’s going to be back to your technology point we didn’t really need the technology back then because you could walk down the stream and find the gold pretty easily back in those days.

C: Yeah, you could, you did relatively little digging and moving of streams and you could get, you know, just down several feet and you’d come across a bunch of gold. Those days are long gone so now you’ve got to get– we’ve got to get more creative and that’s what Jack’s thinking.

L: Yeah, get the technology up there. So how did this– how did this show come about? How did you come up with the concept for the show Gold Rush”?

C: Well the concept for “Gold Rush”, it’s kind of a long story but Raw TV, the company who makes “Gold Rush” was casting for a show in Alaska. A completely separate show, a completely different show, and Todd Hoffman saw the casting call and reached out to Raw and said, “Hey look, I’ve got a better idea for you.” And Raw luckily had saw enough in this concept in Todd’s pitch that they went and shot what we call a taster tape so just an idea– you know, you get a sense of what the show could be. And that taster kind of blew us all away, absolutely blew us all away. We immediately bought the show and you know the rest is history.

L: Yeah, six seasons strong.

C: Yep. Not easy to do these days in TV, you know, less cable TV and we’re really proud of it. It’s the number one show on Discovery Channel. It’s often the number one show on Friday nights and regularly beats the network so it’s a big show and we’re really proud of where it’s gotten to.

L: Yeah, fanbase speaks for itself so. Why do you think it’s the number one rated show right now? Or where it goes back and forth a little bit but why do you think it’s so popular?

C: I think “Gold Rush” has, you know, it’s not just one thing. There’s several things it has going for it. I think we’ve got first of all a phenomenal story. People deciding to quit their jobs, you know, not goldminers, not experts in that field heading north so it’s to fulfill a dream. You know, it’s got family aspects to it, it’s got brotherhood, you know, working for your crew, you know a lot of teamwork there. We also have just big characters. Big characters that the audience can really relate to, which is a very big deal for us. And then lastly it’s got huge stakes and that’s something that’s very important to all of our shows. You’ve got to have something, you know, something at risk when you’re doing these things. So whether you’re out on the Bering Sea fishing for crab or you’re gold mining or you’re flipping cars, you’ve got to have things– something at stake. You’ve got to have something– you’ve got to have kind of your neck on the line here and these guys do big time. And then I think you can’t underestimate the environment. You know, the environment’s incredibly sexy and cool, the Klondike, Yukon, Alaska, and we’ve got giant machines so it kind of taps into the little kid in all of us. It’s just got so many different facets to it and I think that’s why it’s done so well. It’s just very– I mean a multi-dimensional show.

L: Yeah, a primal kid fantasy of treasure hunting.

C: Exactly and in real Tonka toys, you know? I mean that’s the– let’s be honest, these guys are playing around in big toys.

L: Yeah they are. Heck of a lot of fun. So where do you see it being in keeping it relevant for families and stuff going forward?

C: I think luckily these guys, and I say this a lot but hopefully the miners don’t get too mad, but luckily these guys aren’t that good at gold mining. You know, I think we’re going to be in real trouble if these guys get too good because it’s– honestly, I’ve been up there, I’ve seen it numerous times. The big mines where they’re incredibly good at gold mining, you know, it’s like a factory. It’s just not all that interesting so the fact that these guys are scraping, clawing every season and, you know, buying dredges and buying new ground and looking for new gold and having crew problems, you know, and so forth and so on creates a wealth of story for us. And I think the other thing that has made this show work and made it something that’s attractive is the fact that you can sit down with your family. You can sit down with your wife and your kids and you can watch it on a Friday night and there’s a lesson to it. If you work hard in life and despite all the obstacles thrown at you, despite all the hardships, the breakdowns, the crew problems, you can persevere if you work hard and put your mind towards something. And I think that redeeming quality is something that comes through each and every season and it does so naturally which is just such a gift for us.

L: Yeah, it works well. Speaking for myself, I’m a big fan of the show since the first season and my 10-year-old son is constantly saying  on Fridays, “Is “Gold Rush” on?”

L: So we watch it together, it’s one of those shows that you know he’s allowed to stay up late and watch sometimes so it’s actually a really cool– you know, it’s treasure hunting, it’s fun, it’s crazy, it’s like you said, big personalities and-

C: I think it makes– I have an 11-year-old so it makes my so it makes my son, you know, my son lives in, you know, metropolitan Washington, D.C.. It makes him think differently about the world. It makes him open his eyes, wow there’s– that’s out there? There’s like just one avenue of possibility that it opens up, opens kids and I think adult’s eyes to. I always say there’s two types of “Gold Rush” fans. There’s the person sitting down on the couch or the chair, whatever, watching and thinking, “You know what? My job is driving me crazy. I don’t love my job. I want to do what these guys do. I want to drop everything, I want to quit. I want to go north and I want to do what I want to do.” There’s that kind of viewer and then the other kind of viewer is the one who’s perfectly comfortable with sitting on their couch and living vicariously through these guys and they’re fine with their job. But it’s aspirational and it taps into both types there.

L: Yeah, it’s fun. We’ve been up, we have some family in Juno and we’ve actually gone up gold panning on some little forks and rivers and so I’m a little bit connected to the show that way, where I’ve actually had some experience doing it on a very tiny scale, but I have a little piece of gold from the Klondike.

C: Once you do it, you do it. I’ve been up there and I’ve seen the machines and everything and there is such a thing as gold fever. You know, I think you do– you do catch it. I got it when I was there and once you see that gold it’s you kind of understand what happened back in 1898.

L: Oh sure.

C: That got people so crazy.

L: Yeah, I mean when they were pulling news articles and everything else, it was pulling hundreds of thousands of people up there.

C: Yep. Absolutely.

L: And after that it was– I mean, there weren’t many people made rich except for the bar owners.

C: Very– yeah, very few. The outfitters got rich, the people who supplied people, you know?

L: Yep. All the major ones, some of them which we still know today so.

C: Yep.

L: Cool. So what do you guys see playing out next season, season seven? Is it too early to start talking about that?

C: That’s  funny you say that. You know, the mining season up north is starting to wind down already. Weather’s always what closes us out and this is when we– I’m halfway through watching this season, the cuts come in for this season and we’re already starting thinking about next season. So we’re not too far down the line but we’re– there’s a lot of ideas out there that I’m talking to the guys about and I’m pretty sure you’re going to be surprised again to hear what these guys end up deciding to do. It never ends.

L: Awesome, well hopefully it’s not another South America run because that was boring.

C: I agree with that. [laughing]

L: Awesome. Do You have anything else you want to talk about?

C: No, I just want people to watch on the 16th. It’s a– it’s a massive two-hour show. I think, you know, I’m truly excited by this season. This season has really been a dramatic, dramatic change from past seasons. We have I think two to three times more gold than we’ve ever had in “Gold Rush” and we have just curveballs left and right and you’ll see that play out in the two-hour premiere on the 16th.

L: Yeah, and I think it’s seeing that at the end of the season, you almost want to have that at the end of the season like stacked up in a big pile of each of the groups of miners so you can compare how much that actually is.

L: Really show it in pans and they show it in stuff but it would be wild to show that at the end like “here’s what they actually produced for the whole season next year.”

C:  I would love to do that if these guys would ever let us close enough to their gold.

L: [laughing] That’s true.

C: There’s no chance they would let us see all their gold like that, let alone get all their gold together in a room with the other miners. Like Todd would never want Parker near his gold and vice versa.

L: Yeah, it’s probably bad karma.

C: It’s just against the old gold mining rules, never let another goldminer near your gold.

L: Yeah, that’s true. It’ll end up gone, yeah.

C: Awesome.

L: Well best of luck with the show.

C: Thank you very much.

For more info about the show, visit Gold Rush on Facebook.


Blue Man Group honors boy with robotic arm #3DHope, #CollectiveProject, #UCF

Wyatt with Blue Man Group Image 2015

Blue Man Group honors boy with robotic arm

If you have never seen the Blue Man Group perform live in person, do yourself a favor and go to their website and book yourself some tickets. You will not be dissapointed, I promise. On that note, The Blue Man Group is one of my favorite performers I have ever seen and they are so heavily involved in the community it’s impossible not to love them.

Recently, a very special fan named Wyatt had requested a Blue Man themed robotic arm, and when the Blue Man Group got word of this, they conspired with Limbitless, the organization devoted to changing lives with 3D printing technology, to mastermind an unforgettable delivery plan for Wyatt’s new 3D arm. With supporters like Robert Downey Jr, Microsoft OneNote’s Collective Project, UCF and others, Limbitless will no doubt continue to make a difference in the lives of many more children.  “We started out wanting to create a memorable experience for Wyatt, but in the end, I’m certain we are the ones who will never forget it.” Wes Day, Blue Man Captain for Blue Man Group at Universal Orlando, said.  “Limbitless Solutions is changing the world, and we’re honored to support them any way we can.”

Watch this awe inspiring video and see just how amazing these Blue Guys are. I dare you not to smile.

For more information visit and and

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Q&A With Todd Hoffman from the hit show “Gold Rush”


Q&A with Todd Hoffman From Gold Rush

Gold Rush is Discovery Channel’s #1 show and continues to dominate all of TV among men. For 7 consecutive weeks it’s remained #1 on all of television among men. Gold Rush consistently outperforms every broadcast program among men and continues to bring in massive ratings. One of our very own writers, Leif Potter recently had the chance to interview Todd Hoffman about the importance of family in his operation.

Interview Conducted by Leif Potter

Family Review Guide: Hi Todd. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I am a big fan and I have a couple of questions that myself and our fans would like to ask you.

Todd: Go for it.

Family Review Guide: The big one from a lot of the ladies is, How does the mining season affect your family?

Todd: It brings us closer together because we’re all living in a little community, you know, like living in little trailers, and stuff. We have a pretty strong faith and pride so we’re able to kind of lean on that when we’re up there. You don’t have the distractions that you have in the city so, you know, it’s actually not bad. Could be worse, I’ll say that.

Family Review Guide: You’ve got friends, you’ve got family, and you’ve got a bunch of heavy iron. Wherever there’s gold there is faith, and not necessarily in that order.

Todd: You got it, you got it. Gold. We got our God, we got our families and you know it is pretty kick-ass. I’m not going to lie to you, it’s not a bad gig.

Family Review Guide: You went through a lot in Guyana. I mean that that was a crazy one.

Todd: That was horrible, but the thing is, is that here’s the cool part. We want more family in the show and Discovery has gave us the green light. They finally realized that there’s a big longing to watch families, you know, go about how they do stuff so it’s coming.

Family Review Guide: Go about surviving and win as a family.

 Todd: Exactly, it’s true.  I think we’re going to have more family oriented situations up there.

Family Review Guide: That’s good. Personally I see that, you know– like the Schnables group and the Vikings with their massive operation now it’s getting in toward kind of a commercial mining operation instead of the, you know, the family like you guys have more of, and I think that that’s more interesting. Interesting to fans is seeing that family dynamic more than, “Oh wow, here’s a giant gold mining operation.”

Todd: Yeah. Tony Beets has been mining there for, wow, 30, 40 years and Parker’s dad, people have noticed he’s got a huge gold mine. He grew up on a gold mine. I grew up in the city, you know? And I rely on my faith, my family and when you get a big operation like that it starts to get a little bit– it’s hard to identify with too big of an operation when you’re, you know– when really that’s really out of reach for the average person. So, what we’re doing is showing what is in reach, you know, and that is you can work with your family, and you can go up there and do a little mining, you know? You can make it that way.

Family Review Guide: Yeah. I like the way you guys started. And the behemoth– the behemoth that he has, he’s trying to put that dredge together. That is just his whole show this season, seems like.

Todd: What do you think about that?

Family Review Guide: It’s a monster. It gets running and it actually works, you know, it’ll be  the finale celebration but if it doesn’t it’s a season he’s spent building a big machine.

Todd: Yeah. Me and Dave, we kind of have our questions about that because you still have to strip in front of it, you know?  You can’t just take that dredge and it’s not the only piece of equipment that you need. You really got to move some overburden before you can bring that in so I’m kind of wondering if Tony’s really thought this out very good.

Family Review Guide: Yeah.

Todd: We’ll find out.

Family Review Guide: It looks like with the engineering and the disassembly and re-assembly, there’s not a lot of thought going into it. It looks like it’s a little bit– a little cowboyish. You know, because he’s doing things in the wrong sequences a couple times as part of the show. I don’t know if that’s part of the show to add drama.

Todd: I know he’s almost squished his kid about four times. One of his kids.

Family Review Guide: And we don’t want any of that drama out there in TV world.

Todd: You’re going to love the finale. It’s going to be a crazy finale, I’ll say that.

Family Review Guide: Yeah, looking forward to it myself. That’s in a week and a half away.

Todd: Yeah.

Family Review Guide: So do you guys think you’re coming back for another season or it sounds like you’re ramping up from everything you’ve said so far?

Todd: I think we’re going to be back buddy, I think you know, like, I can’t– I can’t, you know, be for sure but we’re leaning that direction and I can at least say that.

Family Review Guide: That’s awesome. And are you hitting your 1000 ounce goal?

Todd: You’re going to have to find out, man.

Family Review Guide: [laughing] Alright no spoilers.

Todd: Pretty close. We’re pretty close to give up now, you know what I mean?

Family Review Guide: Yeah, that was the hard part of Guyana, it was like, you know, you spent your whole season doing nothing but spending money. So that had to have been hard.

Todd: It was horrible. You know what though, I had to learn some things and God taught us some things during that whole time. I can’t say that it wasn’t a crucial part of our journey.

Family Review Guide: Well, you learn from it, right?

Todd: We did. We learned from it and, you know– as far as us getting ourselves (inaudible) , there’s going to be a little bit of a curveball coming at you buddy. I can’t go into it any deeper than that.

Family Review Guide: That’s okay. We’ll take your curve ball. They make good TV.

Family Review Guide: A couple– a couple of people had said this question. You would do a little bit more of mining by the seat of your pants, right? The other guys do a lot of test drills, test holes, before they actually start mining an area.” What’s your philosophy on that?

Todd: I thought there is nobody up there this year that’s got more drill holes than me.

Family Review Guide: Really? Okay.

Todd: I got $1.2 million dollars worth of drill holes that I– that’s why I leased the claim for 20%.  So, the area that Dave wanted to strip at the beginning was too tough, but I did have drill holes that weren’t as good, but I at least knew there was gold there, right?

Family Review Guide: Right.

Todd: So we’re mining an area that I know that there’s gold there. It’s not as good as where we were trying to get to, but we are on some attainable gold for sure.

Family Review Guide: Yeah. You had frozen ground problems in the beginning, right?

Todd: Yeah, yeah. Really bad.  That was really rough but you’ll see that there’s something that happens with that too. We didn’t– that’s– you know, we got some more information coming on that too. You’re going to dig that.

Family Review Guide: Yeah? Almost everyone asks the same question, “How is your dad doing?”

Todd: You know what, he’s doing pretty good.

Family Review Guide: Good. He’s no spring chicken. He’s still kicking butt.

Todd: Yeah. He’s got two vertebrae that grind together.

Family Review Guide: Oh my goodness.

Todd: And so like, “My back hurts man” but he’s just so tough and he doesn’t want to get left out. He just loves it. So yeah, man, he’s still good. I think you’re going to see more of him next year, you know? I think– we’re talking more about it. He needs– we need to get back to the basics, right?

Family Review Guide: Yeah. I think it’s– you know it’s going the other way. It’s going back to it as, you know, I think where you guys got all your ratings and all your audience from. That’s just my personal opinion. That’s what I fell in love with.

Todd: Yeah.

Family Review Guide: That’s great.  I had a wild question. What do you guys think about all the mining that they’re talking about doing on asteroids here soon?

Todd: As soon as they’ve got it figured out I think we’ll be one of the first– we’ll put our peg on a reality show up there.

Family Review Guide: [laughing] mining in space.

Todd: Yeah. I think I’m going to figure out mining in the North first, you know? But, yeah. If they can get gold and something up there, that would be incredible. I’d love it.

Family Review Guide: Well, they’re saying from the science behind it it’s there, it’s just a matter of the cost of getting there.

Todd: Wow.

Todd: You got any off the wall questions, man? Feel free.

Family Review Guide: That was one of the more off the wall ones that I had. You know, a lot of it is just centered on, you know, the family unit and a lot of the questions on that, the faith that keeps you guys going. I mean, you have to have some faith with what your Christian belief– to get you through last season and every day when you’re trying to, you know, tally up a pile of gold and it’s not there. You know, you guys are like hurt.

Family Review Guide: Yeah. The pain though is what brings people

Todd: Let me tell you about the family. The family’s under attack. The family is under attack, especially Christian family. So, you’ve have terrorism. You have terrorists that want to kill us, okay? We have inflation, okay? There’s inflation that is– our families go in to buy groceries at the store and you get about half as much as we used to get five, 10 years ago. So we’re under attack financially, we’re under attack spiritually and we’re under attack socially because there’s so much crap, pornography. Our kids are under attack. The availability to junk and drugs and pornography to our children is a hundred times fold than we had to deal with. We didn’t have the internet popping in our face all the time. So basically the family’s under attack and if you’re smart you’ll start to circle the freaking wagons and really the men have to step up with your families and be leaders. If not, your family’s probably going to get decimated like about 50% of them that happens out there and then you’ll leave a bunch of broken kids and broken relationships. And as a whole, our country is becoming broken because of the breakdown of the family. So if we can keep a– strong families, we have a chance to continue and to build America. If not, America is going to go into a severe decline– continue into a severe decline that I’m starting to see now. I mean, that’s my soapbox. That’s my two cents. Take it for what it is, you know?

Family Review Guide: Yeah.  What do you think is really causing that and how do you think the world will solve it?

Todd: I think– I don’t know– step one, men have to stay– you know ,to be faithful with their wives. They need to live for something, you know, not– they can’t be so selfish– they have to live for something beyond themselves, you know? The ladies– the women need to respect their husbands– you know, when they come through the door from a job that they probably don’t like, you know, they need to be thankful and grateful for that man and show him respect. A lot of men run on respect. A lot of women don’t feel loved. A lot of it is because they’re not respecting their husbands. You know, love and respect, you know? I think a lot of it comes down to those two words. With us, we have a faith, you know a faith in Jesus Christ, and we’re required to love our wives and, you know, there’s a whole map set out in the bible on how to do this stuff. The hard part is actually doing it, you know? You can read about it, talk about it but in the end doing it’s a whole ‘nother, you know, situation so.

Family Review Guide: Yeah, so it’s a constant battle. My wife and I, we’ve been together for 20 years and it’s a constant create, you know, the moment either party stops creating on that relationship and the family, that’s when you see those, you know “I can’t believe they broke up,” “I can’t believe they divorced,” stories of “we thought they were so good.” So they just stop creating on their marriage and their relationship and their faith.

Todd: Yeah, you can’t stop. You can’t stop working at it.

Family Review Guide: Todd, it was a pleasure. Thank you very much for taking the time to talk with us.

Todd: Thank you.

Family Review Guide: And best of luck, find some big ones man.

Todd: Yeah we need some big, big nuggets, and big cleanups man.

Family Review Guide: Bye

Todd: Bye

About Leif Potter: A lifelong resident of Orange County CA, Leif Potter is a professional Mortgage banker and family man with 2 children

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Q&A with Nathan from MasterChef Junior


Learning to cook as a child can be both rewarding and educational. Cooking can build self-esteem, teach math, reading and chemistry skills. Additionally, it can teach kids about different cultures and encourage them to try new foods. My 12-year-old son is on a gluten-free diet and enjoys cooking recipes from scratch with his dad. One of his favorite shows to watch is MasterChef Junior because he likes to watch the kids compete and it inspires him to get in the kitchen. Recently my son had the opportunity to do a Q&A with Nathan, one of the finalists from the show. Here is their transcript:

Q&A with Nathan from MasterChef Junior

Family Review Guide: What inspired you to start cooking?

Nathan: I was inspired to start cooking when my family started having health problems because of our poor diet, as well as, when I entered a cooking program for inner city kids at my elementary school.

Family Review Guide: Did you have to cook in your audition for Master Chef Junior? What did you make?

Nathan: In my audition for MasterChef Junior, at first I had to do basic things like cut some celery and fry an egg, and then I made traditional Japanese ramen for my big audition.

Family Review Guide: If you could open a restaurant what would your signature dish be?

Nathan: My signature dish would be Green Tea Macarons with a Red Bean filling, because I really want to open up a French pastry shop in Japan.

Family Review Guide: If there was one thing you could change about the competition what would it be?

Nathan: If I could change the competition I would’ve been a little bit more ambitious with my dishes, but otherwise I wouldn’t change a thing.

Family Review Guide: What has been your favorite or funniest moment on the show?

Nathan: My favorite moment on the show was definitely the restaurant takeover. Even though it was a little bit stressful, I learned a lot about the restaurant business and I also learned that I don’t want to work on the line!

Family Review Guide: Which challenge on the show has been the hardest for you and why?

Nathan: The hardest challenge for me was definitely the creme brûlée challenge, because I had never used a blowtorch before, or even tasted a creme brûlée!

Family Review Guide: How do you think you have an advantage to win over the other contestants?

Nathan: I don’t like to say that I have an advantage over anybody, but I do know a lot about pastries, so I feel like that can be a pretty major strength for me.

Family Review Guide: How do you envision your life after the show if you win this competition?

Nathan:If I win this competition, I want to travel all around the world and visit hundreds of fun new places like Japan, France, Italy, and the U.K.

Family Review Guide: What advice do you have for other junior cooks just starting out?

Nathan: If you’re a junior home cook just starting out, don’t be afraid to try new things, but start out by learning the basics- like how to cook an egg or how to make muffins and then progress to more difficult recipes.

For more information about MasterChef Junior visit them on FOX or on Facebook and Twitter.

Gordon Ramsey Fun Facts:

1. As well as cooking, Gordon has a real passion for martial arts and is a real life black belt.

2. Gordon opened his first-ever restaurant in 1998, which earned him a rather impressive three star rating from Michelin.

3. Gordon Ramsay has size 15 feet and as a result, all his shoes have to be custom-made.

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