Prehistoric adventures await you



This past weekend we had the pleasure of heading back to the Discovery Cube Los Angeles and this time if was for a prehistoric adventure that is 65 Million years in the making.  The summer exhibit at the cube is called Dinosaurs Unearthed and it is awesome.  I’d like to give a slight warning that those the exhibit says 5-13 years old, there are loud noises and moving parts.

With that said, to me those loud noise and moving parts are all part of what makes this a must see display of realistic animatronic dinosaurs.  You will find life-size animatronic dinosaurs that roar, snarl and move.  Don’t worry they don’t actually walk around the area, they just move parts of their bodies.  What I found very interesting is the details on these dinosaurs and how they have updated the bodies to reflect the recent scientific research.  For example, A string of studies in the past decade have pointed to the potential widespread presence of either feathers or fuzz-like proto-feathers in dinosaur species (source: and and more).

Beyond the amazing animatronics there is also the very detailed and informative information (that you have come to expect from the Discovery Cube) on what you are seeing to help with learning more about what you are seeing and hearing.  You will see real and replica fossils with details descriptions.  The interactive learning table is a must see.  My kids played with it for about 20 minutes, and we all know that is a long time in a kids life.

Another favorite and equally entertaining part was the fossil dig.  The kids get to pretend there are a Paleontologists, some might even learn this new word.  The amateur Paleontologists they use paint brushes to dust away the sand and uncover replicated fossils.

The exhibit is at the Discovery Cube Los Angeles from now until September 10th.

Be Part Of The Action in Ghost Town Alive At Knott’s Berry Farm



Get ready for an interactive experience where cowboys, robberies, judges and hoedowns are just a normal part of the day. Knott’s Berry Farms Ghost Town Alive is back through September 4th and guests of the park will have the opportunity to capture bandits and keep the town safe. Ghost Town Alive! will offer guests a firsthand experience to play an important part in this unfolding story of the wild west, with specific tasks and activities and an essential role as an honorary citizen.

From 10:00 am to 5:30 pm here are examples of some of the Ghost Town Alive! experiences:

    • Get sworn in as a deputy and stop the Mayfield bank robbery
    • Participate in a good ol’ fashioned hoedown
    • Visit the town barber and get your very own mustache of choicE
    • Get your own copy of the Ghost Town Newspaper
    • Meet the Mayor here and become a citizen of Calico
    • Visit Horses and a mule
    • Wash Clothes and hang dry them
    • Learn how to sew a dress

Watch a Day At Ghost Town Alive

Wash clothes on a washboard and hang them up to dry.  You can put yourself in jail or read a copy of the Calico Gazette. On the day we visited it happened to be Founder’s Day!

Stop by the seamstress shop and learn how to sew a dress! There is a real seamstress there that will explain everything you need to know including needlepoint!

Don’t forget to watch the high energy Wild West Stunt show where stunts in the show include gun fights, awesome music, knife throwing and falls from various heights. Please note there are loud gun shots (fake) toward the beginning of the show, so for anyone with noise sensitivities in your group be advised.

Snoopy’s Magnificent Magical  Revue

Prepare to be amazed as Snoopy becomes the Great Houndini in the brand new stage show, “Snoopy’s Magnificent Magical Revue!” The Peanuts Gang will take you on an adventure of magical exploits and lavish musical numbers in this family friendly show.

Food At Knott’s Berry Farm

Fried Chicken is a staple when visiting Knott’s Berry Farm. The chicken fried to perfection and so juicy and flavorful and be sure to pair it with some creamy mashed potatoes. You can dine at Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner restaurant and you can also get your chicken to go.

No meal would be complete without a slice of Boysenberry pie. A  buttery, golden, flakey crust hold rich flavorful boysenberries that burst with every bite.


Ride The New Sol Spin

The new thrill ride Sol Spin is now open! Sol Spin sends brave guests on a thrilling adventure over 6 stories high as they rotate in all directions on one of six spinning arms. Each arm rotates 360 degrees independent of one another providing a different experience every ride.

For more information visit Knott’s Berry Farm on Facebook and on Twitter.


Return To The Golden Era At Lido Theater

When you think of the Golden Era, classical Hollywood Cinema at that time was booming and thousands of movies were issued from the Hollywood studios. It’s still a beloved generation to this day and many people love to associate with this iconic time.

Lido Theater in Newport Beach is an Orange County gem that throws back to this wonderful Era.  This beautiful single screen theater is celebrating its 80th anniversary next year and showcases the splendor of how movies were made to be enjoyed.

From the moment you walk into this theater you will marvel at the sheer beauty it emanates. Beautiful chandeliers hang from the ceilings and vintage Catalina tile art hangs on the walls. Also, the bathrooms inside this theater are immaculate! There is a powder room in the ladies restroom specifically for mirror use.

The concession stand is manned by the same person who takes your ticket so it’s a very personal experience. Plus, the concessions are very affordable.

Tell me it’s not mesmerizing to watch popcorn pop? I could watch it forever!


When you arrive in the theater you will be greeted by a big beautiful waterfall red velvet curtain that rises with each show. The space in between the rows is fairly tight but the seats are very comfortable and they offer booster seats for little ones. Guests can also  sit up on the balcony if they so choose.

The single-screen auditorium walls also have stunning murals depicting underwater ocean scenes that appear to glow from black lights illuminating the walls when the house lights dim.

Fun Facts About Lido Theater

  • The Newport Beach landmark opened in 1938 with the Bette Davis movie, “Jezebel”.
  • A resident of nearby Corona del Mar, Miss Davis is said to have traveled by the site daily while the theater was being built, and requested a sitting parlor in the ladies room, that still remains today.

Grab A bite To Eat Before Or After

For an afternoon or evening of family fun or a date night, there are numerous restaurants at Via Lido Plaza, adjacent to the Lido Theater. Bear Flag Fish Company, Z Pizza and Woody’s Diner are just a few of the nearby options, along with Starbucks, perfect for a pick-me up before a matinée or after a show.

***CARS 3 Will be opening tomorrow night 6/15/17. Don’t miss the change to see it on  a state-of-the-art projection and sound system.

For more information visit Lido Theater on Facebook and Instagram.

Fresh Brothers Continues To Give Back



Philanthropy is a wonderful gateway into connecting with people from all over your community. That is why I love Fresh Brother’s Pizza and everything they stand for. Not only do they cater to the customers who eat a Gluten-Free lifestyle, but they consistently give back to the community. This weekend we attended a fun event where Fresh Brothers held a fundraiser at their Newport Beach store donating 20 percent of total food and beverage sales back to three local schools: Anderson Elementary, Harbor View Elementary and Lincoln Elementary.

We met slice the pizza, kids made their own personal pizzas, they played with dough and even decorated their own box! the employees and all the staff at Fresh Brothers are always so friendly and engaging.

My favorite thing on their menu is their chicken wings! They are baked and oh so flavorful. Pair it with one of their signature salads and you have the perfect meal. They also have meatball sliders and  chicken parmesan sliders. You really cannot go wrong with any item on their menu.


In 2016, more than $40,000 has been raised through similar Fresh Brothers fundraising events for schools across Orange and San Diego counties. The community fundraiser is just one example of Fresh Brothers’ commitment to be an active part of the communities that it serves by supporting local schools, sports teams and charitable organizations.

As part of its commitment to support local communities, Fresh Brothers in Newport Beach is sponsoring Anderson Elementary School’s second annual Port Street Helicopter Golf Ball Drop fundraiser. The golf ball drop takes place Friday, June 16 at 1:45 p.m. at Anderson Elementary. To donate and purchase golf balls (raffle tickets), click here

The community weekend also celebrated the operational enhancements at the store. In the past year, Fresh Brothers hired additional seasoned managers and conducted ongoing extensive training programs for its cashier and kitchen staff. The staff has improved delivery and pickup times while maintaining the quality and consistency of its fresh, family-friendly dishes.

Currently, Fresh Brothers serves more than 4,000 pizzas a week to students from Westlake Village to Carmel Valley, San Diego. The Fresh Brothers sauce is packed with 100% fresh tomatoes, not concentrate. The mozzarella is all natural, with no fillers, additives or preservatives. Nothing is ever fried; wings, bites, and tenders, even the Fresh fries are baked. The Fresh Kids(™) Special Sauce has a mix of five different finely-ground veggies blended into the pizza sauce.


Visit Fresh Brothers on Facebook and on Twitter.

Combatting Classroom Bullying Through Chivalry



Combatting Classroom Bullying Through Chivalry

We all know that bullying has been an epidemic in our society for a long time now. It seems that there is always something on the news on the web about a child being bullied. But thanks to Medieval Times they have chosen to address this problem with a new show that combats bullying through chivalry.

Using characters from history 1,000 years ago, the castle teaches a modern message about compassion, understanding and respect.

What to know about the Show


I was so impressed with this show and judging by the children LOUD and enthusiatic response, it’s safe to say they enjoyed it too. At one point it was so loud in the arena I wasn’t sure if we were at  Medieval Times or a Justin Bieber concert.

  • The show includes six competing knights, real weapons, and beautiful horses.
  • The first half of the show involves bullying scenes and then you will be asked a series of questions about t what the right answer is.
  • The food is different than the regular Medieval Times show.  Guests will receive an oven-roasted chicken, garlic bread, sweet corn cobette, herb roasted potato, chocolate chip cookie and a water bottle.  Vegetarian meals are available upon request.
  • This would be a perfect field trip for a school or a boy scout/girl scout troop

Watch a Sample Of The Show

The First have of the show is all about bullying. they have the actors  perform a scene where someone gets bullied and then after the scene an announcer will ask the audience what the correct thing to do is.  It is very interactive and I could tell the kids liked being a part of the show. There is some really good lighting work in this show as well as beautiful horsemanship and acting. The whole performance was symbiotic and flowed extremely well.

When is The Show Offered?

Download (PDF, 702KB)


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