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If I could give you a glimpse into my everyday life you would all be astounded at how often I misplace things. Seriously, my life is like one big episode of  “Where did I put that”? My husband actually bought a GPS tracker for my keys because I can never find them. Don’t even get me started on my eyeglasses. I have gone through so many pairs because I am always losing them or breaking them. Fortunately for me, I found a great new online store where I can buy prescription eyeglasses for less. It’s called and they offer cheap glasses and eyeglasses frames as well as sunglasses and polorized sunglasses.

Recently I ordered this new pair at Glasses Shop and I had such a great experience. A really great feature of the site is that you can virtually try on any pair of glasses to see how they would look on your face. You can use one of their preloaded faces or you can upload your own photo of yourself for best results. I decided on a rectangular pair with a cute design on the sides and when they arrived at my house they were exactly like they were pictured!

glasses1One of the neat things about is that you can narrow your search by gender, price, lenses, frames, materials and shape. It only took me less than 5 minutes to find the pair I liked. And they came in various colors too. There are also promotions and coupons as well as a help center for any questions you may have. Basically they make it as easy as possible for you and as a consumer, that makes me really happy.


Screenshot (6)

Free Eyeglasses

If you are ready to order a pair then you are in luck. All first time customers get their first pair for FREE!! Use the code :FIRSTFREE.All eyeglasses include: free 1.50 single vision lenses, free anti-scratch coating, and free protective case and cloth. (Valid only for a first purchase on and only one free pair of glasses per customer and prescription. shipping and handling fees apply.

Also use the code MelodiX20 to receive 20% off your future orders.

For more information visit them on Facebook and on Twitter.


Salonpas is an effective topical pain reliever


When I was 7 I was diagnosed with Scoliosis. As I grew it kept getting worse and worse. I am now in my 40’s (OMG I just said that for the first time……I just turned 40 in December!! YIKES!!!) and have noticed that due to my scoliosis my back pain has been increasing. My muscles get stretched in weird ways and it’s pretty painful sometimes.  I am not big on taking any oral medication so Salonpas is perfect. Salonpas belongs to a class of pain relievers called topical analgesics. Which just basically means it goes on top of the skin and relieves pain. I have been using Salonpas products for years. They have been a lifesaver.


Salonpas product

The products I use are:

  • Pain Relief Patch – This is the strongest over the counter pain reliever available without a prescription. It also lasts up to 12 hours.
  • Deep Relieving Gel – This rushes 3 pain fighters deep for effective penetrating relief
  • Jet Spray (My personal favorite) – This has 2 powerful medicines and it sprays on clear and dries fast. I keep this in my purse at all times.
  • Gel Patch Hot – This soothes on contact, then delivers deep penetrating waves of heat

Salonpas products are FDA approved and work on muscle and joint pain (not headaches). They are super convenient and works at the site of the pain rather then having to go through your body and be processed through the blood stream. Which also means they work fast!  They also contain a Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drug (NSAID) that is powerful when applied to the skin but does not have to be processed systematically (meaning inside your body). It is the only over the counter analgesic labeled to treat both mild and tougher moderate pain. All other over the counter analgesics can only claim to treat minor or mild pain.

For more information on Salonpas head on over to their website at

Carmex Moisture Plus has New Fun Designs


Carmex Moisture Care

Valentines Day is coming so get those lips ready for some kissable moments with Carmex Moisture Plus. These stylish little lip balms accessory to keep lips smooth and kissable, with limited-edition designs on the outside and unbelievable moisture on the inside. Formulated with aloe, shea butter and vitamin E, Carmex Moisture Plus lip balm delivers a clear satin shine and relief for dry lips.

They fit easily into your purse or even into your pocket. Slip these in with a card or tie them to a box of chocolates! With 4 designs to choose from you can’t go wrong.


For more information on how to get soft lucious lips with Carmex Moisture Care plus visit


Lucious Lashes At The Lash Spot



Long, luxurious lashes are something I have always wanted. I would do anything to stop wearing mascara and make my morning make-up routine less complicated. And last week I got my wish! I was invited to try out a new set of eyelash extensions at the popular spa “The Lash Spot“.

Lash Spot Lobby

The Lobby of the Lash Spot is ultra modern and hip. The furniture is beautiful and comfortable and there are a lot of patterns to make for an eclectic ambiance. Even the chandelier makes for a nice conversation piece.


The receptionist was extremely friendly and fully explained everything in detail. I even heard her go over the cancellation policy with a customer over the phone and she was very calm and polite. They definitely make a good first impression.


Lash Spot Rooms

The white-washed walls with simple accents give you the feel of an upscale salon with a down-to-earth staff. The rooms are clean and relaxing and they have spa music playing while you get your lashes done. The gal who applied my extensions was knowledgeable and patient. She asked me what length I would like and showed me some examples on an ipad of previous extensions so I could get a feel for what I wanted.  She informed me that she is a licensed Esthetician and she trained at a level I and Level II training course with one of the top lash extension companies in the Country, Shavasana Eyelash Extensions.

The extensions take approximately 2 hours to apply for the initial application. They glue each extension to your individual lash. They are not strips. During that 2 hours I was so relaxed that I took the best nap! I woke up feeling refreshed and looking fabulous. I went with medium length lashes that curl up slightly at the bottom. I was so impressed and even 2 weeks later my eyelashes still look brand new. I have had so many people compliment me on them.

Look at my before and after photos. Personally I cannot even tell that they are extensions. You cannot see any glue and they look very natural. For more before and after photos look here.


Lash Spot Services

The Lash Spot also offers other services like waxing and make-up application. For a full menu of services click here.  For those of you who think you will be regularly getting touch-ups I highly recommend their membership menu. As a LashSpot member you receive discounted pricing on services, percentage discounts on after care products, special coupons you can use for friends and family. So many perks for the true lash lover. The average savings per month $65.00 after membership dues are paid. Wow!

For more information feel free to visit them on Facebook and Twitter.


Review: Eyeglass Factory Outlet + A Giveaway


I have been wearing glasses since I was in kindergarten and my eyeglass prescription has changed many times throughout those years. When I think about it I have never really been without glasses. Unfortunately for me, I tend to lose my glasses a lot so I always like to have an extra pair or two on hand. Recently I broke a pair of my prescription glasses which only left me with one pair so I decided to run to the drug store and get a pair of generic reading glasses. However, when I got there the selection was awful and I ended up leaving with nothing.

Then last week my luck changed!  I was asked to participate in a review program for a company called Eyeglass Factory Outlet. I received a pair of glasses from Eyeglass Factory Outlet at no charge in exchange for my honest opinion. The website is very appealing and extremely easy to use. Not only that but I noticed that the font is large and bold which makes far sighted readers like me happy because it was super easy to see.

The prices are very competitive too. For single vision lenses they start at $34.50. For bifocal lenses they start at $49.50 and for Progressive Lenses they start at $79.50. The website is really easy to navigate. You can choose according to category, shape , material, frame or style. They also have a large selection of sunglasses as well.

I had a lot of fun cruising through all of the selection of glasses. Having the drop down menus made it really simple and fast for me to pick which frame I wanted. I decided to choose the capri optics in purple since that is my favorite color. Then I had my optometrist email me my prescription and I sent that over to the Eyeglass Factory Outlet. I was a little nervous about how the glasses would look since I could not see them live in person but when they finally arrived I was so pleased. They looked EXACTLY like they did in the picture. The color was spot on and the prescription was perfect.


The case it came in was big and roomy and it even came with a chamois to clean the glasses.


I love the two tone colors on the sides of the frame. The only drawback I found was that the glasses were slightly uncomfortable upon first putting them on but after a little tweaking they sat nicely upon my ears. I even wore them to write this review. Not only did I not have to leave the house to get a cute pair of glasses but they were inexpensive and it only took me 10 minutes to order. I will be ordering my next pair very soon!


For more information please visit and “Follow” them on their Twitter page –

Here is a promo code for 15% discount on total order up to 5 Pairs: FRG15

Enter my giveaway below to win a free pair of prescription eyeglasses. Contest winner is eligible to choose any frames priced at 34.50 which includes Single Vision Lenses. Prescriptions must not include any powers below -4.00 or above +4.00 If contest winners prescription requires a overpowered lens they will be given the choice to use the 34.50 as a credit towards a proper pair of lenses.

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