– Prescription eyeglasses for less

If I could give you a glimpse into my everyday life you would all be astounded at how often I misplace things. Seriously, my life is like one big episode of  “Where did I put that”? My husband actually bought a GPS tracker for my keys because I can never find them. Don’t even get … [More…]

Salonpas is an effective topical pain reliever

When I was 7 I was diagnosed with Scoliosis. As I grew it kept getting worse and worse. I am now in my 40’s (OMG I just said that for the first time……I just turned 40 in December!! YIKES!!!) and have noticed that due to my scoliosis my back pain has been increasing. My muscles … [More…]

Carmex Moisture Plus has New Fun Designs

Carmex Moisture Care Valentines Day is coming so get those lips ready for some kissable moments with Carmex Moisture Plus. These stylish little lip balms accessory to keep lips smooth and kissable, with limited-edition designs on the outside and unbelievable moisture on the inside. Formulated with aloe, shea butter and vitamin E, Carmex Moisture Plus … [More…]

Lucious Lashes At The Lash Spot

Long, luxurious lashes are something I have always wanted. I would do anything to stop wearing mascara and make my morning make-up routine less complicated. And last week I got my wish! I was invited to try out a new set of eyelash extensions at the popular spa “The Lash Spot“. Lash Spot Lobby The … [More…]

Review: Eyeglass Factory Outlet + A Giveaway

I have been wearing glasses since I was in kindergarten and my eyeglass prescription has changed many times throughout those years. When I think about it I have never really been without glasses. Unfortunately for me, I tend to lose my glasses a lot so I always like to have an extra pair or two … [More…]

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