5 Delicious Things To Try At Knott’s Boysenberry Festival


Knott’s Berry Farm Boysenberry Festival

The Boysenberry Festival at Knott’s Berry Farm is back for 2017 starting April 1st and continuing all the way through April 23rd.  With so many delicious choices of food you won’t even know where to start. So here are some helpful tips:

  1. Get a Boysenberry Bites Tasting Card. They are only $25, and the tasting card includes generous portions of six delectable treats:
  • Boysenberry Pizza at Wagon Wheel Pizza
  • Boysenberry Ravioli at Spurs Chophouse
  • Boysenberry Buffalo Wings at the Gold Trails Hotel
  • Boysenberry BBQ Meatballs at the Bank of Calico
  • Boysenberry Fry Bread at the Gourmet Churro Factory
  • Boysenberry Pana Cotta at the Ghost Town Bakery

2. Arrive Early. The Boysenberry Festival is wildly popular and draws large crowds.  Arriving early helps to reduce ride and food wait times and also gives you more time to experience all of the fun.

3. Purchase tasting cards at Sutters Grill, Pemmican Pickle, the Calico Saloon, the Churro Factory, the Berry Stand at the entrance of Ghost Town, the Ghost Town Bakery and at the Gold Trails hotel.

What are the Boysenberry MUST tries?

What exactly IS a Boysenberry? A boysenberry is is a cross between a European Raspberry, a European blackberry, an American dewberry and the Loganberry. All those beautiful berries make for amazing things to eat at The Boysenberry Festival and here are a few of the MUST tries!

1. Boysenberry BBQ Short Ribs


So tender, the meat practically falls off the bone! And you can buy the Boysenberry sauce in the Marketplace.

2. Boysenberry Chicken Wings

(c) Family Review Guide_boysenberry_wings

Grab some napkins and sink your teeth into The Boysenberry chicken wings. They are my absolute favorite Boysenberry item.

3.  Deep fried alligator bites& fries with boysenberry aioli

(c) Family Review Guide_boysenberry_alligator

If you have never tried alligator before I highly recommend this. They are deep fried and crispy and the boysenberry dipping sauce pairs great with it. Plus the skinny fries are amazing!

4. Boysenberry Meatballs

(c) Family Review Guide_boysenberry_alligator-4

The Boysenberry Meatballs are a delicious protein packed snack on a stick! They are tender and flavorful and I get them every time I go.

5. Boysenberry Fun Bun


The fun Bun is a deep-fried cinnamon roll with Boysenberry cheese topping and a gooey cinnamon center. It will make your eyes roll into the back of your head.


 Craft beer and wine vendors

And whatever you do, don’t forget about the wine and beer vendors! You get a big plate of cheese and fruit that pairs so nicely with all of the wines! It was amazing to be able to try the different varieties and talk to the somliers. They have boysenberry wine, boysenberry cider and Belgium boysenberry beer.

(c) Family Review Guide_boysenberry_alligator-5

Don’t Forget these items!


For more information visit Knott’s on Facebook and  Twitter


New and exciting developments on the way for Legoland

This is a guest post by Ariella Philpott.



The Annual Tree Lighting ceremony at Legoland California, kicked off the holiday season at the park this past Thursday. The giant tree is beautiful and, as you would expect, completely made out of Legos and adorned with Lego ornament creations. Santa Claus arrived just in time to help light the tree, along with special celebrity guest actress Stana Katic, known for her role on the television show “Castle”, and her young niece. After a countdown, the tree was lit, festive music played, and a beautiful firework display lit up the night sky, the holidays have officially come to Legoland California.


As part of the ceremony we reviewed some of 2016’s highlights:


  • Earlier this year Legoland premiered The Lego Movie 4D, which is shown in the park.
  • In May, Legoland introduced the highly popular Ninjago – the ride. The first 4D ride in the U.S. that uses the riders hand gestures to fire lightning, ice, shockwaves, and fireballs.

New and exciting developments are also on the way for Legoland in 2017 and 2018:

  • In spring of 2017 the Legoland California Hotel will introduce new Ninjago themed rooms. 18 rooms and 2 suited will be decked out in the Ninjago theme to make you feel as if you are in the world of the Ninja.
  • In March 2017 the new Legoland Star Wars “The Force Awakens” Miniland display will unveiled.
  • Coming in summer 2017 the Legoland waterpark with be expanding with a fun new attraction, a competitive water raceway.
  • And finally, but by no means least,  January 2017 will be the groundbreaking for the new Legoland Castle Hotel. The new hotel will be located in front of the Sealife Aquarium, boasts a castle theme and decor, 250 new rooms, a pool area, and a new restaurant. The new hotel is slated to open in 2018.

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Ninjago World: Let The Training Begin!


On May 5th, Ninjago World at Legoland California will open to the public! On a recent media preview, we were treated to an electrifying opening ceremony performance from musicians like the Naruwan Taiko Drummers and some incredible ninjas performing stealthy ninja moves in the air. We also got to sample some delicious Asian fare. Check out our video for the exciting event:

Video of Opening Ceremony for Media Day

Ninjago Photo Ops

There is no shortage of photo opportunities in Ninjago world! They have lego figures everywhere and a lot of hand on stuff for kids to climb on.


Sensei Wu was at the preview with his walking stick to greet excited guests, and I must say he gave a very impressionable performance. They even had life-sized Ninjas for photo opportunities! This guy will be at the park when it opens in May. The kids all loved posing with him.


Confetti Surprise


At the end of the demonstration, tons of confetti exploded from the sky! It was seriously raining confetti for about 5 minutes!

About NINJAGO® The Ride

In NINJAGO The Ride you will meet the famous heroes from the NINJAGO universe. Together you must learn to master the elements fire, earth, lightning and ice in order to fight the Great Devourer.

Your ninja moves fly through the air, while you are travelling through an awesome Ninjago 4D universe challenging all senses. A brand new technology transforms your movements into ninja forces on screen. So prepare to be deeply immersed in the NINJAGO universe.

Activities for all family members

NINJAGO World is filled with both indoor and outdoor activities for the entire family. The activities are in the form of active play, teamwork, and interaction.

Prepare to try out Lloyd’s Laser Maze, where you must use your ninja skills in order to make your way through 30 laser beams as quickly as possible. A scoring system keeps track of the day’s records, so you can compete against family and friends.

In Jay’s Reaction Game you can test the speed of your movements by pressing the buttons that light up alternately as quickly as possible.

On Cole’s 12-meter long climbing wall, you can train your strength and flexibility. Coloured climbing grips light up along the way, and help you to choose the right grip and follow certain routes.

A land filled with ninja challenges for the entire family.

New Food Options

Untitled design-14

Ninja Grill will be the newest restaurant to grace their presence at Legoland, CA. Bánh Mì Vietnamese sandwiches on fresh baked baguette or steamed Bao Buns. Both filled with crispy pork belly, lemongrass chicken or baked sweet chili tofu.

So do you think you have all the Ninja Skills to be a spinjitsu master? Find out on May 5th when Ninjago world opens to the public!

Fore more information visit Legoland CA on Facebook and on Twitter.

Legoland 4D Movie Premier

This is a guest post written by Ariella Philpott
Untitled design-25


This week I had the opportunity to preview the new movie opening at the Legoland California Park on February 6, The Lego Movie 4D, A New Adventure. The event was packed and everyone was super excited to see what the wonderful people of Lego had in store for us.

Untitled design-26

Untitled design-28

Just like Hollywood, they laid out the red carpet for the stars of the show. Emmett and Lucy were looking their best for the paparazzi.

Untitled design-27

The new movie The Lego Movie 4D, A New Adventure has all our beloved original Lego Movie characters in it such as Emmet, Wyldstyle, Unikitty, Benny, and MetalBeard, as well as a new villain, Risky Business. This super cute tale is great for the whole family and it is much more than a movie, it’s an experience. As the title says it is in 4D, so not only do you wear cool looking 3D glasses, you are also entertained with effects such as water, and lights to go along with the movie and make your experience that much more fun! Sounds great right. There is more, the movie has an audience participation portion where kids and kids at heart get to help the heroes save the day. My family had a wonderful time, and really enjoyed the new movie and all of its fun surprises.

Saint Marc Pub-Cafe

More exciting news, to go along with the release of the new movie, Legoland California will be having two new characters: Unikitty and Benny join the characters that make appearances around the park for those wonderful picture opportunities.

Saint Marc Pub-Cafe-2

Legoland is such a fun place for both kids and adults to enjoy and the new movie, The Lego Movie 4D, A New Adventure, definitely adds to that. Everything is Awesome!

The Lego Movie 4D, A New Adventure

  • Duration: 12 ½ minutes
  • Where : Legoland California (film viewing is included with park admission)
  • When: Several showings per day, see park for details
  • Park admission: Prices vary, see park or website for details


For information: 760-918-LEGO or www.LEGOLAND.co

Legoland Holiday Snow Days and Winter Nights




This December, gather up the kids and head over to Legoland CA in Carlsbad for a fun-filled day where you can build a snowman with LEGO® accessories and throw real snowballs at colorful targets. Experience the magic of Winter Nights with shows, music, and twinkling lights. Stay for the nightly fireworks over Miniland USA, December 26 – 30. Witness the lighting of a 30-foot tall LEGO Christmas Tree and enjoy live entertainment with LEGO Friends Live. A life-sized LEGO Brick Santa and Reindeer make the perfect family photo.

Last week I took my daughter there to check out all of the excitement and we stayed from opening to close and she still didn’t want to leave. The first thing we did was play in the snow! There were slides, snow ball targets and even a giant snow man you could decorate. The employees were all so nice and friendly.




The decorations are endless at Legoland. there are beautiful poinsettias Lego Christmas trees, Wreaths and all kinds of fun holiday decor to get you in the mood.

Snow Play

The Enchanted-6


The first place we headed to was the snow yard! My daughter had a blast adding a nose, eyes, hands and sunglasses to the pre-built snow-man there. She also threw snowballs at the targets for some fun. There were also giant lego blocks available for the kids to get creative with!



Tree Lighting

In the evening you can also see the incredible lego tree all lit up and twinkling. We were there for a media event and watched the innaguaral tree lighting on the forst night. It was pretty amazing.


After the tree lighting they had a snow-fall and fireworks in the sky. Needless to say it was a pretty amazing evening. One that will not be forgotten.



How can I buy tickets?

Purchase them here.

For more information visit Legoland on Facebook and Twitter.

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