Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Play Set



Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Playset

With a house full of boys, Hot Wheels are found in every room of my home. I find them under the couch, behind the refrigerator, in backpacks, on the table, I step on them in the middle of the night, and one time I even found one in my bed! So when we saw Mattel’s newest Hot wheels toy “Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Playset” I knew it was going to be a hit!

This set is an absolute beast. The one piece of advice I will give you is to make sure you have room in your house for this. If you don’t, consider setting it up in the garage. The dimensions are: 24H x 5.75W x 30L

That being said your kids will love this set. my 9 and 5-year-old stay busy with it for about 45 mins at a time. That is some serious “me” time. I was able to unload the dishwasher, start some laundry and get dinner started. Seriously though, this set is durable and made very well!

Video Of Hot Wheels in Action

Features: Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage 


Parking spots

With 36 spots to park, kids can showcase and store all of their favorite cars. We had buckets of Hot Wheels in the garage that we pulled out for this set. Once you’ve loaded your vehicles, take them on a variety of wild adventures. From air to land to sea, this set covers it all!


An included helicopter waits on the helipad for the fire engine bell to sound — and light up — so it can fly to the rescue. Cars coming down the spiral will want to avoid becoming shark bait — this menace likes to munch!

Elevators and ramps

Keep the action rolling on land with two elevators, two ramps and a classic city scene. See which car is the fastest in a side-by-side race! Fuel up and tune up at the gas station and tune-up shop, both with realistic details. This garage serves up a world of Hot Wheels excitement and hours of fun all in one epic play set.

Connects to other tracks

This set includes five Hot Wheels vehicles plus a helicopter to get the action started right away. And if that’s not enough to stay entertained for hours, connect to other track and play sets (sold separately) to create an entire world of Hot Wheels!

Hot Wheels

This toy has been great because it had promoted sharing in our house, not to mention it keeps the kids of video games! We love Hot Wheels and are looking forward to the next one!

Where can I buy this?

You can buy The Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Set at Target and on Walmart.

For more information visit Hot Wheels on Facebook and on Twitter.

A smartwatch for kids with easy technology



Wearable technology seems to be the newest trend these days. And not just for adults!  More and more brands are creating kid-friendly products that can teach our kids how to stay up to date on technology like digital cameras, tablets (my 4-year-old knows how to swipe an iPad like a ninja), toys and clocks just to name a few.

The newest product to hit the market is Vtech’s Kidizoom Smartwatch. Vtech has always been in the forefront of innovation and their newest watch shines with impressive features.


Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch Features

  • Built in Camera– My daughter has a blast going around taking pictures of her brothers or her dollies and then showing us her work. In a way, it has built up her confidence.


  • Video Recorder – Kids can make mini videos and then play them back to watch. This has passed a lot fo time on our daily car rides.


  • Touch Screen– Similar to an iPad, the touch screen is easy for little fingers to navigate, If you child knows how to use a tablet this will be a piece of cake for them. They can also use the touch screen to explore their creativity with fun photo effects, frames and filters. The watch helps kids learn how to tell time by letting them choose between digital and analog displays.


  • 50 clock face designs – The kidizoom watch has 50 fun face designs kids can choose from. They can change it up daily or hourly!


  • Timer and alarm (with a variety of fun animations to choose from). This has been huge for my daughter. She is always asking me what time it is, and instead of telling her to look on the microwave she can now just look at her watch. One less question for this mama!!


  • A voice recorder – This is probably the most fun feature on this watch.  Kids can record their voice and play with five voice-changing effects.


  • Four learning games with the ability to download more from Learning Lodge™ using the included micro USB cable, which can also be used to upload photos and videos as well as recharge the battery.


  • Splash proof – We all know kids make a mess and sometimes those messes involve water. The kidizoom watch is perfect for everyday play.  (not suitable for showering or bathing).

VTech Kidizoom

Video of  Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch


Did you know that this watch is rechargeable?



All watches come with a built-in battery that can last up to two weeks with a single charge! pretty impressive if you ask me!


Where can I buy a Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch?

The Kidizoom Smartwatch is available now at,,, and

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Star Wars Snap Tite Toys


Star Wars Snap Tite Toys


Do you have a Star Wars fanatic in your home? Does he or she also like to build? Star Wars snap tite toys by Revell make the perfect holiday gifts. They make 18 different Star Wars models that you can find here.

These kits are plastic scale model kits intended for the beginner/intermediate modeler.


We received  Star Wars™ POE’S X-WING FIGHTER as well as the Millenium Falcon Model Kit to try out and it kept my 9-year-old really engaged while he built these.

The kit was well made, with minimal plastic cleanup required from the injection molding process. The instructions were clear and the parts all snap together easy and intended.

As listed in the description, no glue or paint is required, however, you can use model cement for a more solid assembly, but keep in mind the kit is a static model.


Both Models took about 1.5- 2 hours  to assemble, with absolutely no help from me. The part fit quite well without glue too! Make sure you carefully follow the instructions, as there are several points of no return if you mess up.


Where can I buy Star Wars Snap Tite Toys?

You can buy many Star Wars models online at

Video of the Millenium Falcon

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Stikbot make stop motion video fun!




My son recently expressed an interest in creating home tutorial videos for “Minecraft” and “monster legends”.  I love that he is expressing an interest in something creative but before sink a lot of money into a device I wanted him to try something simple. Enter Stikbots.

Stikbot are the social-sharing easy to post figurine! Their stylish design allows for easy posing for photographs and stop-animation filming! It includes a free app for iPhone and Android which makes it super fast and simple to shoot stop animation videos of Stikbot and quickly share to social media sites! Stikbots also include a tripod to quickly and securely set up your smartphone for filming Stikbot!


StikBot’s special ability to twist and move in addition to his sticky suction cup hands and feet makes stop motion animation quick and easy: just snap, pose and repeat. The camera takes single photos and strings them together as one video. Because StikBots animate best at lower frame rates, the app is set to shoot at 10 frames per second, making it easy to know how long your video will be (60 frames = 6 seconds). Choosing a backdrop is also simple: film in the kitchen, living room, bathroom— Even take Stikbot with you when you travel! And with a sound effect and music library built into the app, you become the moviemaker!

We started by making a simple gymnastics video to get the hang of things. You may have to do a lot of takes to get a decent video but the kids love posing these quirky little guys and it keeps them busy for a while.

Keep in mind you need a smart-phone for this toy to work because you will need to download a free app. My son still loves to play with these guys even when he is not making a video.

Where can I buy Stikbot?

You can buy Stikbots on Amazon.

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A Girls Dream Come True – The Barbie Dream House

Barbie Dream House-2


If you are the mom to a young girl, you already know what an incredible joy it is to do girly things with your little princess. Shopping, getting your nails painted, dress up and playing Barbies. I have fond memories spending hours in my room taking my Barbies “camping” in their campervan, redecorating their house, changing their clothes, and getting lost in time using my imagination.

Now, that I have a little girl of my own I am so excited to recreate those memories with her. When I was pregnant I used to walk down the toy aisles and think about all the Barbie toys I wanted to buy her, specifically a big pink Barbie House. Times have changed since I was a little girl and Barbie products have evolved into a worldwide phenomenon.

With the holiday season just around the corner from us you may want to consider purchasing a Barbie Dreamhouse. My daughter recently received one and has been having the time of her life playing with it.

Barbie Dream House

 Barbie Dream House Features


 This house has everything a Barbie could ask for! Move right into the Barbie Dream house and discover a world of possibilities.

  • Three floors
  • seven rooms
  • working elevator
  • built-in garage
  • swimming pool
  • flat screen television (with use of smart-phone not included)

All of these features provide the perfect setting for all kinds of stories, from a fun night in, to getting ready for girls’ night out.

1st Floor

The built-in garage has a door that realistically opens and closes by sliding a tab. Attached to the garage is a beautiful atrium window — flip the window down, and it converts into a swimming pool, perfect for a fun pool party for Barbie doll and her friends! A smart furniture piece — designed to look like a living room cabinet or kitchen island on one side and a bathroom vanity on the other — magically recognizes “smart” accessories that activate different lights, sounds and motions to bring stories to life. Get cooking in the kitchen with its sleek appliances and realistic cookware and groceries.

2nd Floor

On the second floor, dine in style in the dining room at the modern table set for two; in the bathroom, prepare for a big night out at the sink/vanity and luxe tub.

3rd Floor

The third floor offers another view into imagination with a beautiful bedroom, complete with a dramatic pink canopied bed; a walk-in closet where Barbie doll can check out her amazing outfits in the mirror and hang up her fashions (sold separately); and a gorgeous living room with a special twist of its own — slide your own smartphone (not included) into the “flat-screen” television and let Barbie get cozy on the couch with a movie or video that helps add to play. Have fun sending Barbie doll up and down the working elevator — easily activated with a child-friendly sliding tab — as one fabulous story is played out after another! Plus, this version comes in simple brown packaging to secure the secret and enhance the surprise.




So many accessories!

More than 70 accessories in all enable really expand the possibilities for house play — from housework to house parties!
With so much to offer this Barbie Dream House is a girls dream come true!

Where can I purchase this house?

Amazon is my go to for all purchases! You can find this Barbie Dream house right here.

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