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I recently posted about my interview with the Blue Man Group and I also wanted to share about just how much fun this show is! The show is meant for all ages and designed to be a multi-generational entertainment experience, however, it is best for children ages 3 years and up due to the percussive music, movement of the performers/props in the auditorium and as a courtesy to other patrons.

The Show

blueman2credit: Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group is comedy, theater, rock concert and dance party all rolled into one. You’ll be closer to the action than ever before at the specially designed Blue Man Theater at Luxor Hotel and Casino.  It’s an outrageous multisensory experience you’ll never forget. New music, new design, new technology and a new finale to bring the entire audience together for a euphoric celebration of life in full color. 

This show is a visual and audial party for your brain. I took my 3 kids and husband and I don’t think any of them stopped smiling for the entire length of the show. Before the show starts, there are scrolling LED boards  on each side of the stage that give the audience hilarious instructions. During this time staff will hand out pieces of tissue paper that you tear off and wear on your head. It was a great way for the audience to participate and small hint at what was to come.

There are 3 Blue Men and 5 band members, but no one talks. The entire show is done with incredible eye and body movements, gestures, the power of suggestion, elaborate props, tons and tons of tissue paper, confetti and most of all outstanding music made from PVC pipes and giant drums.

blueman3credit: Blue Man Group

During one part of the show they bring out kettle drums that laugh huge smoke rings over the audience. It is so neat to see.

PVC tubes are still used to make music.  Paint is still spattered.  The finale is an explosion of audience participation, filled with toilet paper, smoke rings and huge, glowing balls!  And your hosts are still the silent, stoic, silly, and inventive Blue Men.

Audience Participation

Audience participation is a big part of the show. There is a section in the show where the Blue Men walk out into the audience and literally walk on your seats, over your head, pace, and stare at you. When they find the person they want they bring them up for this epic Twinkie Skit that will have you rolling. Without giving too much away lets just say it was incredibly messy, and since a lot of it is improv it is absolutely hilarious!


blueman4credit: Blue Man Group

If you think juggling is a cool talent, then wait until you see marshmallow tossing. These guys can stuff about 33 specially made marshmallows in their mouth while the marshmallows are speeding towards them at high rates of speed. But that is not all! See those gumballs in the picture? They are actually paintballs. One Blue Man can catch paintballs in his mouth and spit out a beautiful painting on canvas. It is unreal!!

The Music

blueman5credit: Blue Man Group

The Blue Man Group uses instruments of various sizes to create music. PVC pipe bellows. Drums pop and sizzle. The music in a Blue Man show pushes the boundaries of standard musical principals and conventions. Some of the pieces are very simple and some of them are so intricate you won’t believe your eyes. Either way, you will be tapping your feet or clapping your hands because the music is addicting.



Remember how I told you they pass out tissue paper to make headbands with, in the beginning of the show? Well, that was a hint that there was more tissue paper to come. Like boat loads more. Towards the end of the show there is a giant dance party with massive amounts of tissue paper and confetti starting from the back all the way to the front. By the time the show ends you will be wrapped in it. This picture doesn’t even show half of the fun!



One of the coolest thing that the Blue Man Group does is pose for pictures with everyone after the show. They are so efficient and the line moves really quickly. You can also take a picture with the band too! I want to scream from the rooftops how much I love this show and I hope that you will all have a chance to see it yourself! Click here to see what cities they perform and let me know personally how you liked it!

Interview With The Blue Man Group Las Vegas

triple bandedCredit:  Blue Man Group



Whether you have seen them live in concert, or on TV or on a Billboard, there’s no mistaking who The Blue Man Group are. These blue-skinned, silent, yet hilariously talented musical artists are undeniably one of the world’s best entertainers! It’s impossible not to laugh or smile when you watch them on stage and they give a performance like nothing you have ever seen before. This is one show I tell people to add to their bucket list and if you are lucky enough to see them at the Luxor you may have a few questions like I did. The Blue Men were kind enough to answer a few questions I had for them so hopefully you will have a better understanding of how this incredible show works.

Family Review Guide=FRG / Blue Man Group=Blue Man Group

Q & A with The Blue Man Group Las Vegas

FRG: Who creates the music for the show?

Blue Man Group: Still artist-owned and operated and based in NYC, Blue Man Productions has extensive production facilities, recording studios and a 6,000 square foot R&D Lab with numerous new creative projects in the pipeline. We have a team of amazing musicians and creatives that collaborate together to create the many masterpieces that you hear every night.

FRG: How are the performers selected and do they have diverse musical experience?

Blue Man Group: A Blue Man performer has the unique opportunity to utilize their artistic abilities in an exciting and dynamic experience unmatched by any other stage production. Blue Man Group holds auditions throughout the year, nationally and abroad, seeking individuals with the unique qualities to be a Blue Man, including trained actors with physical theater, clowning, improvisation skills and drumming/musical skills.

FRG: Audience participation is an important part of the show. How does the Blue Man Group choose who to pick out from the audience?

Blue Man Group: All of the audience members chosen during the show are organic and unplanned.  It’s up to the Blue Men themselves to work together to choose the perfect audience member.

FRG: How do you train for some of the food acts? (catching marshmallows) etc…

Blue Man Group: We look for candidates that exhibit the qualities of a Blue Man and have a natural talent for performing and drumming.  Some skills are unique to Blue Man Group and are taught during the extensive Blue Man training process.

FRG: How many shows per week does each person perform in and how many hours do they practice?

Blue Man Group: The Blue Men usually perform 6-8 shows each per week.  They’re always working to continue developing their skills and learn new things.  They also come together as a group each night to rehearse a few pieces and prepare for the following shows.

FRG: Are there any plans to tour in Orange County, CA or is that too close to Vegas?

Blue Man Group: The national tour has a few California dates currently scheduled in 2016.  New dates and cities are continually announced and Las Vegas is always a short trip away for Orange County residents.

FRG: How many performers are in a show including all musicians? For the Las Vegas show, we have 8 performers during each show.

Blue Man Group: There are 3 Blue Men and 5 band members between the two band lofts on stage.

FRG: How does Blue Man Group keep the act updated and do you ever improvise in the show?

Blue Man Group: Blue Man Group is ever-evolving creatively and we thrive to keep our show relevant to what is going on in pop culture and the rest of the world. It is continually refreshed with new music, new stories, new instruments and new technology. The show leaves much room for improvisation and we like to think of the audience as the fourth character in the show. The Blue Men interact with the audience to develop each performance into a unique experience.

FRG: Do you ever perform at Birthday Parties, Bar Mitzvah’s and Weddings?

Blue Man Group: While we aren’t available to perform at these events, we have heard from many that attending a Blue Man Group show is the perfect way to celebrate these occasions with friends and family. We have done some exciting performances at special events like the Hollywood Bowl, the Daytime Grammy Awards, and ABC’s Good Morning America.

FRG: How long does it take to get ready for each show and what is required of a complete costume?

Blue Man Group: Each performer has their own process that helps them make the transformation into their character each night.  Our costumes were developed by the founders of Blue Man Group and have become the signature look widely recognized today.

Want to read a review about the show? Click here.


“Lobster me” is love at first sight



Lobster is a word that needs no introduction. The minute I hear it my ears perk up. I have been eating this delicious crustaceous treat since I was young and I recently introduced my two boys to it on a trip to Las Vegas.

Nestled in a corner of the Miracle Mile Shops inside Planet Hollywood is a quaint little lobster shack called Lobster ME. The lobsters come from Maine and are caught only when the time is just right to achieve the best flavor. Then they are transformed in the kitchen with fire and innovation, to something sublime.

Lobster ME Food

While we were at Lobster ME, my family and I tasted a variety of Lobster dishes.

Lobster roll

First up was a Connecticut Roll – Warm lobster tossed with melted butter and chives are gently placed into a soft bun. This picture pretty much speaks for itself and it was pretty phenomenal. I felt there was a decent amount of lobster  but these guys are fairly small so you might need 2 of them.

Lobster tacos

Next up were the Lobster Tacos. Two corn tortillas are stuffed with Maine lobster and shredded cabbage, seasoned with lime, cilantro & avocado-sriracha aioli. They tasted as good as they looked!

Shrimp tacos

We also tried the Shrimp Tacos which are identical to the Lobster Tacos but made with shrimp instead. Two corn tortillas are stuffed with gulf shrimp seasoned with fresh lime, cilantro and avocado-sriracha aioli. Pair this with an ice cold diet coke and you are set!!!

Lobster Mac N Cheese

Craving some a little more decadent? No problem! The Lobster mac & cheese should satisfy your craving. Warm & creamy cheddar sauce blended with chunks of sweet Maine lobster & pasta shells will have you on cloud 9.

Lobster fries

But wait! Evan better is the Lobster Cheese fries! Folks, let me just tell you that these are seriously the best fries I have ever had. EVER. I even dreamed about them that night and just writing about them now makes me want to hop in my car and drive 4 hours to get them again.

Lobster Bique


If you are just needing a snack I would recommend the Lobster Bisque. This soup is rich and creamy, made with sweet butter and lobster base. Add some crackers for an added crunch, either way this soup is tasty and will warm you up!


Lastly, if all you want is Lobster, sink your teeth into a plump Lobsicle. It’s like a popsicle but with Lobster instead of ice. The Lobsicle comes two ways: Naked and breaded (fried). I preferred the naked style because it allowed me to taste just the lobster and enjoy the flavor of it but these guys are not as big as you’d think so you may need to pair it with a salad or some soup.

Lobster ME Drinks

Casco Bay Breeze

Lobster ME has a variety of beverages to choose from. They even have cocktails which is a huge plus! Choose from Bloody Mary’s, Lemonade, Cider, Iced Tea, Fountain Sodas and Vodka Drinks like this Casco Bay Breeze in the picture above.

For more information visit Lobster ME on Facebook and Twitter.

Lillies Asian Cuisine – Hibachi Grill



Some of my fondest memories with my family have revolved around the dinner table. We ate out a lot, and we often dined at Teppan Style restaurants. It’s a fun way to meet new people, it’s family friendly and most of all its entertaining.

During our recent trip to Las Vegas, we were excited to take our kids to Lillies Asian Cuisine at The Golden Nugget.

Lillie’s Interior

lillies3Credit: Dennis T./yelp

Lillies decor resembles a modern, yet sleek looking dining experience with lots of reds and blacks and sexy looking light fixtures. It has a very inviting ambiance without being too fancy.

Lillie’s Food and Drinks


I started off with a Pomegranate Martini because hey, I deserved one! They had a small selection of signature cocktails and a nice selection of wine and beer.

It’s about 20 minutes before your chef starts cooking at the grill so we decided to order some appetizers while we waited. First up was some chicken satay.


The appetizer portions are on the smaller side so if you are really hungry I would suggest ordering several of them. The chicken was tender and paired really nicely with the peanut sauce.


We also enjoyed the potstickers which were crispy on the outside and meaty on the inside. Shortly after finishing these we enjoyed some miso soup and a delicious green salad with ginger dressing.

Buca Cafe Italiano Pasta-2

Finally, it was time for our main course. Lillie’s Hibachi Menu has a large selection of meats and fish to choose from. Everything from chicken, shrimp, jumbo scallops, new york strip filet, tuna steak salmon, lobster and more. They also have child sized portions for those that are not big eaters.

Video of chefs in action




I ordered the Filet Mignon and grilled shrimp and it was very tasty. My steak was cooked exactly how I ordered it and the vegetables were crispy and not overcooked. We opted for fried rice which was incredible and a nice change from steamed white rice. They even served it in a heart shape.


My husband ordered Scallops and chicken and it was served alongside a medley of cooked vegetables. The scallops were tender and flavorful and the chicken was seasoned to perfection.


Lastly, my son ordered the Ahi and shrimp. While I did not taste it he said he thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved how the shrimps already had their tails removed so you could just pop them in your mouth.

The service was attentive and our chef had a great sense of humor and cracked a variety of jokes.

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For more information visit Lillie’s on Facebook


Hash House A Go-Go at The Linq

st marc1-12


Hash House A Go Go Las Vegas

Everyone knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and Las Vegas is no stranger to epic sized portions of  bacon and eggs.  But There is one restaurant in particular though that takes breakfast to a whole different level and it’s called Hash House A Go Go. There are three locations in Las Vegas but the one in particular that we ate at was inside The Linq Hotel.

The Location

st marc1-13

This particular Hash House is a bit hidden in comparison to some of the stand alone locations. Tucked away inside the Linq Hotel (Formerly the Imperial Palace)  guests can expect a wait time of 15 mins or more at any given time. This restaurant is very popular but the food is definitely worth the wait.

Buca Cafe-2

When you are seated they have activity pages for kids that will keep them occupied until your food arrives. This was definitely a huge bonus for us.

The Drinks

kiwi watermelon

Drinks at the Hash House are unique and tasty. Bloody Mary’s are a popular drink here but I really enjoyed the kiwi watermelon lemonade. It was not too sweet and it looked amazing with the multiple layers of colors.

The Food

Come hungry because the portions here are enormous. Even their warm biscuits are huge! My husband who eats a gluten-free diet even had a hard time keeping his paws off of those. The temptation was a real struggle!



st marc1-14

The first dish we ordered was a kids sized portion of apple cinnamon pancakes. Huge chunks of soft cinnamon apples are cooked right into the batter and if you want it even sweeter it comes with butter and maple syrup.

st marc1-15

The next dish we had was a house hash with Roasted Pork Tenderloin, charred tomato, corn, baby green beans and mozzarella. It comes tossed with crispy potatoes & topped w/ 2 eggs, served with fruit and biscuit.


My favorite dish was the Roasted Chicken, garlic, onions, asparagus, and rosemary Hash. The flavors were amazing. Frankly, 2 people could share one of these hashes but with so any amazing choices on the menu, it’s hard not to want to order one of your own.

french toast

My daughter who is 5 and has the appetite of a bird devoured this powdered sugar griddle french toast. It was light and fluffy and flavorful.

french toast-2

Lastly, I enjoyed a basic breakfast of eggs, bacon, and potatoes. The bacon was crispy and my eggs were cooked to perfection.  The difference between a hash and a scramble at Hash House just means that the ingredients are cooked into the eggs for a scramble and in a hash, they are served atop the eggs.

Expert Tips

  • Monster-size portions are available 24 hours a day
  • The restaurant’s signature one-pound burger stuffed with bacon and mashed potatoes
  • Try the famous Fried Chicken Farm Benedict, seen on the Travel Channel’s “Man V. Food”
  • Wash down your meal with a BLT Bloody Mary
  • Tons of award-winning breakfast and brunch items

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For more information visit Hash House a Go Go on Facebook and Twitter.


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