Ways To Celebrate Your Teen In Las Vegas

  Being A Teenager is tough. Teenagers are constantly under an immense amount of stress and their are so many expectations placed upon them. Plus, their bodies are changing physically and mentally and peer pressure is amongst them. So when you have a child that accomplishes something exceptional be sure to take the time out … [More…]

Complimentary Admission For Kids To Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden And Dolphin Habitat

In celebration of World Wildlife Day, SIEGFRIED & ROY’S SECRET GARDEN  AND DOLPHIN HABITAT at THE MIRAGE is inviting you to participate in educational activities designed to demonstrate the importance of protecting the world’s wild animals. This year’s theme is “BIG CATS: PREDATORS UNDER THREAT.” Big cats are among the most widely recognized and admired animals across … [More…]

Review of Blue Man Group

  I recently posted about my interview with the Blue Man Group and I also wanted to share about just how much fun this show is! The show is meant for all ages and designed to be a multi-generational entertainment experience, however, it is best for children ages 3 years and up due to the percussive music, … [More…]

Interview With The Blue Man Group Las Vegas

Credit:  Blue Man Group   Whether you have seen them live in concert, or on TV or on a Billboard, there’s no mistaking who The Blue Man Group are. These blue-skinned, silent, yet hilariously talented musical artists are undeniably one of the world’s best entertainers! It’s impossible not to laugh or smile when you watch … [More…]

“Lobster me” is love at first sight

Lobster is a word that needs no introduction. The minute I hear it my ears perk up. I have been eating this delicious crustaceous treat since I was young and I recently introduced my two boys to it on a trip to Las Vegas. Nestled in a corner of the Miracle Mile Shops inside Planet … [More…]

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