It’s Our Blogiversary! Celebrate with Us!

Happy 3 Year Blogiversary!

Let’s Celebrate!

Three years ago I published my first post on this blog! I can’t believe that three amazing years have past. I started this blog as a resource for families and it has grown steadily since.

I am so thankful to all my readers who read this blog, the connections I have made through this blog, the friends I have made online and in real life, and for the experiences I have had because of my blog.

So let’s celebrate!!! I am going to be doing 10 days of giveaways in a row (although that number might go up) Every day I will post a new giveaway for you to enter. The first one will start tonight (6/3/16)!! So stay tuned- you’re gonna love this one! In the meantime, here are 10 little facts about me you might not have known:

Ten Facts About Me


  • I started off as a food blogger and then I ventured into lifestyle. I own a restaurant review site called Eat Drink OC. Check it out!
  • My kids are trained and will not touch their food at a restaurant before I take a picture of it, LOL.
  • I am a Licensed Massage Therapist
  • I have an unhealthy fear of mushrooms. Seriously, I cannot stand the sight or smell of them!
  • I do not like shoes and 99% of the time you will see me in flip flops.
  • I am an insomniac and my average bedtime is 1-2 a.m. and up at 6:30am for the kids.
  • I love to entertain and I will feed you any chance I get!
  • I am obsessed with Marriott beds. They are the most comfortable thing in the world!
  • I like to watch the show COPS and would love to go on a ride along someday.
  • I am really short and stand at 5’1. I am too lazy to get things hemmed so I wear a lot of skirts.

Thank you for sticking with me these past few years and for coming along on this journey. I love helping you guys learn about new products, restaurants, destinations, and more! Stay tuned for more recipes, more crafts and a lot more fun. Doing these giveaways is my way of thanking you!

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Day 1: Win a 2-night stay at the Anaheim Courtyard Theme Park Hotel and Waterpark.

Day 2: Win a Pizza Party Making Playdate for 4 at Fresh Brothers Pizza.

Day 3: Win 4 tickets to Pretend City

Day 4: Win a $50 Gift Card To Bistango

Day 5: Win a 4-pack of tickets to Discovery Cube OC/LA

Day 6: Win a $50 Gift Card To Marrie Callender’s Restaurant

Day 7: Win a 4-pack of tickets to Pirates Dinner Adweventure in Buena Park

Day 8: Win a $30 gift card to Juice it up

Day 9: Win a 4-pack of tickets to Pretend City

Day 10: Win a $50 gift card to Tony Romas

Day 11: Win tickets to MLB all-star Fan Fest

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