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Whether you have seen them live in concert, or on TV or on a Billboard, there’s no mistaking who The Blue Man Group are. These blue-skinned, silent, yet hilariously talented musical artists are undeniably one of the world’s best entertainers! It’s impossible not to laugh or smile when you watch them on stage and they give a performance like nothing you have ever seen before. This is one show I tell people to add to their bucket list and if you are lucky enough to see them at the Luxor you may have a few questions like I did. The Blue Men were kind enough to answer a few questions I had for them so hopefully you will have a better understanding of how this incredible show works.

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Q & A with The Blue Man Group Las Vegas

FRG: Who creates the music for the show?

Blue Man Group: Still artist-owned and operated and based in NYC, Blue Man Productions has extensive production facilities, recording studios and a 6,000 square foot R&D Lab with numerous new creative projects in the pipeline. We have a team of amazing musicians and creatives that collaborate together to create the many masterpieces that you hear every night.

FRG: How are the performers selected and do they have diverse musical experience?

Blue Man Group: A Blue Man performer has the unique opportunity to utilize their artistic abilities in an exciting and dynamic experience unmatched by any other stage production. Blue Man Group holds auditions throughout the year, nationally and abroad, seeking individuals with the unique qualities to be a Blue Man, including trained actors with physical theater, clowning, improvisation skills and drumming/musical skills.

FRG: Audience participation is an important part of the show. How does the Blue Man Group choose who to pick out from the audience?

Blue Man Group: All of the audience members chosen during the show are organic and unplanned.  It’s up to the Blue Men themselves to work together to choose the perfect audience member.

FRG: How do you train for some of the food acts? (catching marshmallows) etc…

Blue Man Group: We look for candidates that exhibit the qualities of a Blue Man and have a natural talent for performing and drumming.  Some skills are unique to Blue Man Group and are taught during the extensive Blue Man training process.

FRG: How many shows per week does each person perform in and how many hours do they practice?

Blue Man Group: The Blue Men usually perform 6-8 shows each per week.  They’re always working to continue developing their skills and learn new things.  They also come together as a group each night to rehearse a few pieces and prepare for the following shows.

FRG: Are there any plans to tour in Orange County, CA or is that too close to Vegas?

Blue Man Group: The national tour has a few California dates currently scheduled in 2016.  New dates and cities are continually announced and Las Vegas is always a short trip away for Orange County residents.

FRG: How many performers are in a show including all musicians? For the Las Vegas show, we have 8 performers during each show.

Blue Man Group: There are 3 Blue Men and 5 band members between the two band lofts on stage.

FRG: How does Blue Man Group keep the act updated and do you ever improvise in the show?

Blue Man Group: Blue Man Group is ever-evolving creatively and we thrive to keep our show relevant to what is going on in pop culture and the rest of the world. It is continually refreshed with new music, new stories, new instruments and new technology. The show leaves much room for improvisation and we like to think of the audience as the fourth character in the show. The Blue Men interact with the audience to develop each performance into a unique experience.

FRG: Do you ever perform at Birthday Parties, Bar Mitzvah’s and Weddings?

Blue Man Group: While we aren’t available to perform at these events, we have heard from many that attending a Blue Man Group show is the perfect way to celebrate these occasions with friends and family. We have done some exciting performances at special events like the Hollywood Bowl, the Daytime Grammy Awards, and ABC’s Good Morning America.

FRG: How long does it take to get ready for each show and what is required of a complete costume?

Blue Man Group: Each performer has their own process that helps them make the transformation into their character each night.  Our costumes were developed by the founders of Blue Man Group and have become the signature look widely recognized today.

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