Star Wars Snap Tite Toys


Star Wars Snap Tite Toys


Do you have a Star Wars fanatic in your home? Does he or she also like to build? Star Wars snap tite toys by Revell make the perfect holiday gifts. They make 18 different Star Wars models that you can find here.

These kits are plastic scale model kits intended for the beginner/intermediate modeler.


We received  Star Wars™ POE’S X-WING FIGHTER as well as the Millenium Falcon Model Kit to try out and it kept my 9-year-old really engaged while he built these.

The kit was well made, with minimal plastic cleanup required from the injection molding process. The instructions were clear and the parts all snap together easy and intended.

As listed in the description, no glue or paint is required, however, you can use model cement for a more solid assembly, but keep in mind the kit is a static model.


Both Models took about 1.5- 2 hours  to assemble, with absolutely no help from me. The part fit quite well without glue too! Make sure you carefully follow the instructions, as there are several points of no return if you mess up.


Where can I buy Star Wars Snap Tite Toys?

You can buy many Star Wars models online at

Video of the Millenium Falcon

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