Enlightened Crisps – The Better for you Beans

If you look up the word “enlightened” you will find this definition: en·light·ened /inˈlītnd,enˈlītnd adjective: enlightened.            1. having or showing a rational, modern, and well-informed outlook. That is exactly how I would describe the company “Enlightened” and the products they sell. A few weeks ago my son came home from a friends house raving … [More…]

Cabo Chips are perfect for Cinco de Mayo!

  One of my favorite foods EVER is chips and dip. I could live on chips and dip! The other day I saw these new flavors by Cabo Chips. Cabo Chips was founded in Baja California, Mexico in 2004. The Cabo Chips brand was inspired by the Bunte family’s love of Cabo San Lucas, where … [More…]

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