Creative Activities For Kids To Do At Home Instead Of Playing On Screens

  I admit it!  Sometimes I use the television  as a cheap babysitter. I try my best to limit it but sometimes I just have to turn it on. This summer I have 3 kids at home and a tight budget so we are not doing a lot of summer camps which means the kids … [More…]

7 Snack Hacks For Traveling With Kids

Traveling with kids is always an adventure. Sometimes it’s a stressful adventure, sometimes is a fun adventure but most of the time is a learning adventure. When traveling with my own kids, I know that one sure thing to keep them happy and compliant is to feed them. Constantly. The more their mouths are full … [More…]

Timi & Leslie bags are great for a quick getaway

Timi & Leslie Bags. Style, Function, and Organization Style and function are two important factors I look for when buying a bag. I often take overnight trips so I don’t always use a full sized suitcase because I like to travel light.  Timi & Leslie bags are well known for being great Diaper Bags but … [More…]

Babiators – The prescription for cool eye wear

Babiators- The prescription for cool eyewear Protecting your child’s eyes from the sun is very important and sunglasses can provide a lot of protection. Sunglasses help you in two important ways: They filter light and they protect your eyes from damaging UV rays. Mounting evidence shows that exposure to UV rays can damage your eyes.  … [More…]

Monster Spray Makes Halloween Less Scary

Monster Spray I remember when my son was about 4 years old and he had this insane fear of owls in his closet. I’m not sure why he was so afraid of them but nonetheless it caused him uneasiness so my husband and I came up with a solution. We got a large spray bottle, … [More…]

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