Monster Spray Makes Halloween Less Scary


Monster Spray

I remember when my son was about 4 years old and he had this insane fear of owls in his closet. I’m not sure why he was so afraid of them but nonetheless it caused him uneasiness so my husband and I came up with a solution. We got a large spray bottle, filled it with febreeze and we called it “Owl Spray”. Every night we would open his closet and spray some “Owl Spray” in the closet and the nice smell would scare the owls away. It worked like a charm. It made him feel secure and we let him sleep with the bottle next to his bed.

Now that Halloween is here that little boy who was once scared of owls has decided he wants to be a scary skeleton. See below photo.



His costume is a little scary and since I have a 3 year old I am hoping she won’t be too scared. After researching ways to make Halloween less scary for kids I came across an article from Theresa Kruczek, a counseling psychology professor at Ball State University. She has advised the following:

• Limit preschoolers to 30 minutes or less of activities, including trick-or-treating, and only during daylight hours.
• Ask friends and strangers to take off masks to show children that there really is a person under the costume.
• Parents and siblings should never wear masks around youngsters afraid of such items.
• In families with children of varying age ranges, allow each youngster to participate in age-appropriate activities.
• Avoid haunted houses unless the facility offers age-appropriate activities.

Theresa says: “Just because you love haunted houses doesn’t mean your 4-year-old will. Remember that parents are the best judges of their children’s abilities. If kids freak out during a scary movie, they’ll freak out at a haunted house or when someone in a scary outfit comes by.”

So please do not force your child to toughen up and don’t forget tot to carry a bottle of Monster spray with you!!! Monsters don’t like nice-smelling stuff. And please share with us what are some of the crazy things you have done to calm your childs fears??

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