7 Snack Hacks For Traveling With Kids

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Traveling with kids is always an adventure. Sometimes it’s a stressful adventure, sometimes is a fun adventure but most of the time is a learning adventure.

When traveling with my own kids, I know that one sure thing to keep them happy and compliant is to feed them. Constantly. The more their mouths are full the less complaining I hear, especially if it’s a long road trip.

So here are 7 must have snacks to bring when you are traveling with kids!


1. Trail Mix Kit




2. Celery and Peanut Butter in a Jar





3. Cheerios and Pretzels in a Coffee Container




4. Individual Salads in a cup





5. Premade Candy Necklace




6. Egg and Cheese Crate





7. Fruit Snack in recycled Crystal Light Containers



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