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My spy birdhouse sm

My family and I got a My SPY Birdhouse to try out and boy were my kids excited! This genius invention allows you to watch the birds create a nest while you watch…but the birds cannot see you! The house safely attaches to most glass surfaces with super strong all-weather suction cups. It’s the perfect size for your typical backyard species and it keeps birdwatchers of all ages captivated year round!

Birdhouse and privacy screens sm

The kit comes with a bird house, privacy screen and a 2-way mirror Mylar film that you can attached to the window so you can see the birds but the birds can’t see you.

Birdhouse on the window sm

To start select an outside window that is not an old wavy glass. Clean the window with glass cleaner and allow it to dry. Wet the suction cups  and press the bird house onto the clean glass. We chose a window in our backyard and we put it higher up, away from tables and chairs so that no cats or other predators can get into it.

inside view of birdhouse sm

From the inside, clean the glass so you can put the 2-way mirror Mylar film on the window so the birds that move in won’t be able to see you….but you can still see them! And then sit back and watch. The kit comes with a small bird chart but there are several places on the web that you can go to find out what species  have moved into your bird house. We also decided to put some bird seed into the house to entice any new owners!

birdhouse privacy screen sm

Once the birds have moved in, use your privacy card at night to minimize disturbances of indoor lights. Or you can just shut your blinds if you have picked a window that has blinds on them. The privacy card just uses a suction cup provided for easy hanging. This was a fun and easy project for me and my kids to do. We can’t wait to see what the birds do at any hour of the day!

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