10 health and fitness favorites


So I’ve been trying really hard lately on bettering my lifestyle and not just losing weight. Everyone wants to lose weight. Everyone wants to drop a dress size. Everyone wants to try a new diet. But how many people want to change their lifestyle… For LIFE? That’s what I’ve been trying to do since BEFORE New Year’s Day!! I actually lost weight DURING the Christmas break. Crazy huh? As of today… 13 pounds! I have my butt in gear, a great friend to do this with, the support of my husband and some favorite items I’ll share with you today. This list is what is tried and true for me and they don’t create miracles but they do create small victories, at least for me. I’m not starving myself, I’m not crazy at the gym 24/7 but overall I try to exercise most days of the week and follow a super easy eating plan…

10 health and fitness favorites

1. Bob Harper’s Skinny Rules:

This book is absolutely amazing! So simple yet so hard at the same time. No white potatoes? Boo… Apples and berries every single day? Awesome. No carbs after lunch? Truly hard. 1 cheat meal a week? HECK yeah! So ok, I don’t follow the rules ALL the time but I do have them on my fridge and they help me make healthy decisions all the time. Here are the rules but if you get the book, you will understand and learn so much more. Plus it included yummy recipes and meal plans!

2. My Fitnesspal App:

Greatest calorie tracking app ever! There’s so much to say about this. Calorie tracking is as easy as searching for a food or scanning the bar code on the food product! You can breakdown recipes that don’t have nutritional info as well to know exactly what you are eating. Plus, you can track your carbs, fat and protein grams on a daily basis. I’m currently on a low carb and high protein eating lifestyle and it’s essential for me to know what I’m eating.

3. Polar watch:

This is a new present for me and I LOVE tracking my calories burned during a workout and seeing my heart rate. With a calorie display right on my watch, I love being able to make the decision to either work harder or longer to achieve a great calorie burn. When I get out of a gym class and my watch tells me I burned 700 calories… I’m in heaven! Plus, this specific watch has GPS because I do go running often enough to track my distance and pace. Hope to get faster soon!

4. Waterlogged App:

Let me tell you right now… It’s an annoying app but it works! Waterlogged is awesome. I set my own alarms so that the app reminds me to drink water. I check off my 8 glasses of water through the day and I drink so much better with this!!! I do get annoyed when it tells me to drink BUT again, I drink my water and move on with my day.

5. Isagenix protein shake:

Protein and vitamin packed. Isagenix is a full meal replacement and so healthy! Just put in a shaker cup or blender, mix. Chocolate is my favorite!

6. Simply 100 Chiobani Strawberry Greek yogurt:

This healthier fruit Greek yogurt is amazing! Recommended by my trainer. I can’t eat plain Greek yogurt. I’ve tried. It really is just eating sour cream. One dollop on my chili sure. But an entire cup as a snack or part of my meal? Can’t do it.

7. Nike Dri-fit workout clothes:

Comfortable, cute and breathable. The best. Buy here.

8. Clean Eating Magazine:

Simple as it seems. Good healthy recipes that fit in my lifestyle! Love this Clean Eating magazine and you can find it as an ebook too!

9. Follow Chris & Heidi Powell on Instagram:

I first learned about the Powell Pack on ABC’s hit tv show, Extreme Weightloss. That show is so inspiring and yet real because it shows how through the course of ONE YEAR, a person can change their lifestyle and lose a ton of weight. When the show is off air, I follow Chris and his wife, Heidi on Instagram to see their daily inspiration and example of living a healthy lifestyle. Plus they have the cutest kids ever! They are such a great family.

10. A personal trainer I share with one of my best friends.

Brittany Herlean is absolutely amazing! Gorgeous of course but such a great trainer. She knows when to push me and when I can’t handle it. It’s an investment for sure but I have seen results and I have someone to keep me accountable. Plus I don’t want my money going to waste! Find a trainer that challengers you, helps you with eating, knows what they are doing on a daily basis and has a great reputation. My trainer helps me on the percentage of carbs and protein, how often I should eat and acknowledges that we are going to have just a few cheat meals a week. (in theory…I’m only supposed to have two! haha) She offers such great advice! If you are not in Las Vegas, she’s also on Instagram :)

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