Tommee tippee spout sippy cups introduce their 3 Ring Circus Series

tommee tippy sippy cups sm

Finding the right sippy cup for your child can often times be quite challenging. There are so many different spouts, different ergonomics and different shapes. When you finally do find  the right cup it can be very rewarding especially if you are transitioning from bottle to sippy.

tommee tippee has come out with a new special edition spout cup called TA DAH in their 3 ring circus series. Tommee tippee explora soft spout sippy cups have fun drawings on them of whimsical magicians, animal dancers and silly performers. The age range for these cups are 7 months and up. The Truely Spill Proof spout is soft and super easy to drink from while the easy grip sides and base allows the little ones to be confident in drinking without spilling. This style of cup encourages confident easy cup drinking.

tommee tippee lid attached sm

A really great feature of these cups is that they have a cover for the spout….and IT”S ATTACHED! This allows the drinking spout to stay clean when you have to shove it in your purse or diaper bag and the lid won’t come off and be lost in the endless abyss of a your purse or diaper bag.+

tommee tippee inside sm

The inside showcases their easy flow technology that makes this cup completely spill proof. Tommee tippee explora soft spout sippy cups are dishwasher, sterilizer and microwave safe. They are BPA free and come in several different styles to choose from. My daughter loved these cups and I plan on buying more since we have lost a few to the sippy abyss. I think it’s the same abyss that eats socks in our house.

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