Gourmet Gift Baskets for Valentines Day!

    I came home from a Cub Scout meeting last night and look what I found! These 2 giant packages were at my desk. They came from a company called Gourmet Gift Baskets. I opened up the boxes and found a super cute tin and a huge box.  If I were to take a guess … [More…]

National Egg Month with NestFresh Eggs

National Egg Month with NestFresh Eggs Eggs are among the most nutritious foods on earth. They are loaded with vitamins, minerals, high quality proteins and good fats. The month of January is national egg month and our family couldn’t be more excited. As a family of 5 we eat quite our share of eggs, sometimes … [More…]

Gaslamp Popcorn Co really pops with flavor!

One of my kids favorite snacks is popcorn. Which is totally fine by me because it’s healthy, easy and tastes really good. In fact I also love popcorn so when I heard about  Gaslamp Popcorn Co I was eager to try them. The popcorn is handmade in small batches and they use only the freshest, … [More…]

Honolulu Cookie Company supports the whales

Cookies are my favorite part of the holiday/winter season. I often host cookie exchanges at my house and look forward to try all the different cookies my friends come up with. This year I was introduced to an amazing cookie company based in Hawaii called the “Honolulu Cookie Company“. You had me at Hawaii!! This … [More…]

Galeos dressings, marinades and dips all in 1!

     So when I do reviews on products I am the one that usually tastes everything and my kids are the ones that usually play with the toys. This time my husband saw these dressings by Galeos and he insisted that he be the one to be the taste tester. I of course obliged … [More…]

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