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Some people are cake people and some people are ice cream people. I am an ice cream person. In fact for my wedding I had ice cream to go along with my cake! But these days everyone is so concerned about their health and calories and low-fat that eating an entire pint of ice cream is considered a no-no. Unless it’s a pint of ice cream from Arctic Zero. Arctic Zero is full of flavor without all the fat and calories. It’s fat-free, nut free, lactose free, gluten-free and GMO free. It’s also Kosher and vegetarian. It’s low glycemic and does not use artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors. In fact in order to sweeten this delicious delicacy they use Monk Fruit Concentrate which is a small melon harvested from the tropical hillsides of Asia and gets its name from the Buddhist monks who have been enjoying its health benefits for centuries.



Arctic Zero Ice Cream


They have so many flavors to choose from that almost everyone will be able to find their favorite flavor. The flavors they currently have are:

  • Toasted Coconut
  • Salted Caramel
  • Orange Dream
  • Simply Strawberry
  • Purely Chocolate
  • Vanilla Maple
  • Cappuccino
  • Hint of Mint
  • Cookie Shake
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter

They also have chocolate dipped vanilla ice cream and chocolate ice cream on a stick for dessert on the go.


Arctic Zero Orange Dream


My favorite flavor was Orange Dream. It tasted EXACTLY like a 50/50 bar from when I was a kid. It was so creamy and delicious and to top it all off I didn’t feel bad one bit that I almost ate the entire pint. I would have eaten the entire pint myself but my kids were home…….so I had to share. And I felt comfortable with giving this to my kids because there was nothing artificial in it. It’s all healthy and good for you! The kids gave it a big A+!


For more info on Arctic Zero head on over to their website at

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