Galeos dressings, marinades and dips all in 1!


Galeos 6bottles


 So when I do reviews on products I am the one that usually tastes everything and my kids are the ones that usually play with the toys. This time my husband saw these dressings by Galeos and he insisted that he be the one to be the taste tester. I of course obliged because he is right….I always get to be the taste tester. So before we get into what my hubby’s thoughts were here is a little bit about the dressings


Galeos Salad Dressing offer 6 of the World’s best and super delicious Salad dressings which can also be used as Marinades or Dips. Only fresh, all natural ingredients are used. Each Galeos recipe starts with pure Koji Miso (certified organic and non GMO) fermented soybean paste. All 6 of their dressings are Non GMO, have no MSG and are gluten free.


Galeos dressing


I created the tasting station for him and we used pretzel thins to taste each one. He went through each one and had me write down his thoughts for you. Here is what he thought:

  • Miso Southwest  – A bit spicy with a bit of Habanero. Would be good for a marinade for chicken to be used in tacos. Really good!
  • Sesame Seed – Tasty marinade for any Asian dish. Would make an excellent Chinese Chicken Salad dressing.
  • Dijonaisse – Kids will love this one! A great dip for chicken fingers or a dressing on your burgers.
  • Caesar – His #1 favorite! Uses real anchovies and would be great as dressing, dip or marinade .
  • Ranch – The perfect staple for any salad. A great substitute for the traditional Ranch dressing. Great for veggie trays.
  • Ginger and Wasabi – His 2nd favorite! A little bit of heat and would be great for Stir Fry. His words were “this one is bomb” (which means excellent)

So there ya have it folks! My husbands first review but definitely not his last! He was a great taste tester and gave me lots of things to write about. He now says that we are going to be having the Galeos Caesar dressing on our salad tonight!

Head on over to the Galeos Cafe to check out all their products 

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