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If there was ever a time where we should be proactive and fired-up about staying on top of our health, now would be the best time ever. With a pandemic looming over us and no end in sight, we should all take a moment to realize that COVID-19 is bigger than anyone could ever have imagined and it is taking a huge toll on the mental health of our loved ones and society as a whole. COVID-19 has caused unprecedented changes in the way that we live our lives. It has stopped a tremendous amount of personal and economic activity. However, the pandemic has not put a stop to addiction, nor has it put an end to the need for drug and alcohol rehab.

Many people mistakenly think that drug and alcohol addiction is confined to young or middle-aged adults, but people of all age groups feel the effects. I took care of my elderly ailing parents for 5+ years and it was not an easy road. Both of my parents in their 70’s and 80’s were addicted to pain pills and sleeping pills. They both had a very difficult time accepting the loss of their independence. The pills made them feel better, helped them sleep, and helped them cope. It was a constant struggle with their doctors because we couldn’t get them to stop prescribing the pills. Many times the pills would cause them to fall or make it so they couldn’t control their impulses. It was a very vicious cycle and I firmly believe that with the proper mental health care, they could have coped better in other ways besides taking prescription drugs.

I also just found out about a local 14-year-old boy from our city who passed away this week due to a fentanyl overdose. That reality hit really close to home due to the fact that I also have a 14-year-old son. I realized clearly that addiction sees no preference for age, lifestyle, or economic status.

Recently I learned about SOBA recovery center, a treatment facility in Arizona and Texas. Soba Recovery offers innovative and effective substance abuse treatment to help those suffering from addiction in finding lasting recovery. This is a wonderful resource that I hope many can use.

Recently I learned about SOBA recovery center, a treatment facility in Arizona and Texas. Soba Recovery offers innovative and effective substance abuse treatment to help those suffering from addiction in finding lasting recovery. This is a wonderful resource that I hope many can use.

How Can Soba Help You?

If you or a loved one needs drug addiction treatment services, SOBA can offer the following:

  • Detoxification
  • Intensive Outpatient
  • Residential Inpatient
  • Outpatient Treatment
  • Partial Hospitalization
  • Sober Living

Soba recovery centers have fully staffed facilities that include an administrative staff, intake admissions, clinical directors, operative directors, and medical directors. You are in good hands 24 hours a day 7 days a week as there is a dedicated team to answer any questions or concerns and that is there to assist you day and night when you need help the most.

What do SOBA facilities look like?

SOBA facilities in Mesa and Texas offer three different options: Inpatient, outpatient and sober living.

Here is a slideshow of the inpatient facilities in Mesa Arizona. The inpatient program at Soba Mesa offers a variety of treatment services from detoxification to family therapy to group and individual therapy sessions. Soba Mesa provides a variety of treatment components that aide each client in their long-term success in recovery.


Here us what the inpatient SOBA facility in Texas looks like. Soba Texas offers a variety of luxury and standard treatment services.

How Do I enroll?

Are you ready to change your life? Are you ready to leave drugs & alcohol behind?

In order to help provide the best quality of care to those suffering from drug & alcohol abuse, Soba Recovery works with most major insurance providers at our Texas & Arizona locations. They are also an in-network provider with Blue Cross Blue Shield.

To begin the admissions process, fill an insurance verification form. Within minutes, one of our caring staff members will contact you to begin the initial assessment for admissions to Soba Recovery.


Here are some success stories from graduates of SOBA:



After years of heart wrenching addiction, including jail, many rehab facilities and heartache, a childhood family friend and alumni of SOBA Daniel Baldwin, introduced us to the idea that maybe our son should look into SOBA recovery center. We looked at the website and knowing it was on the opposite coast were very skeptical about being able to afford it and send him out of state . We really had exhausted all options and after many talks with Daniel and our son we decided to give it a go. Daniel had come to the house and realized that my daughter probably needed to go as well. In January 2015, the two of them boarded a plane and off they went. Our son would call us and tell us how he had never experienced such a loving caring environment where they were made to feel like they were worthy of help. He would say it was different, they believe in us and trust us. That trust enabled both of our kids to want to get help and not want to disappoint the people who grew to become family. The friends they made have become lifelong. They would do anything for each other and would network to help others. They went to meetings and socialized together in sober events. Our son would secure a job that he loved and become a manager.. He was also a house manager for one of the recovery houses at SOBA.

Greg Hannley knew each and every one of the clients and would often have them to his home for cook outs or boat rides. He was an integral part of this family and was loved by his clients. He would go to the alumni meetings and keep an eye on the comings and goings of his “kids”. His door was always open and our son would become a trusted friend. Greg was talking about opening up a film studio and our son asked if he could help set it up. Greg didn’t realize that our son wanted to do this because he was so grateful for all that Greg had done for our family. Malibu film studios was born and our son was extremely proud of the work he did to help complete it. Our daughter also realized her potential at SOBA and became a sponsor to many people. She speaks at meetings and continues to be of service which is what keeps her sober and level headed. This was a turning point for our family and the many times we visited and met the staff and the people who they worked with we immediately knew they were exactly where they needed to be. Had it not been for SOBA recovery, life may have looked very different. After 3 years of the best years of our son’s life and living on his own sadly he succumbed to the disease. Even after being on his own for about two years he still would see his SOBA family. We knew that those 3 years had been the best years of his life and we were able to come away with knowing how loved and cherished he was more importantly he knew and felt that himself. Our daughter is still living in California working her program and still in contact with Greg and the people of SOBA. They will always be a huge part of our family and we will never forget what they did for us. The experiences they both gained are irreplaceable and they couldn’t have achieved the confidence, security and love without Greg and his family, Daniel Baldwin, the counselors, techs, and others who they met at SOBA.  Barbara and Patrick Raynor




My son entered Soba May 30th 2014. My son and I had struggled to find a trustworthy and professional rehab facility. He was ready for help and we searched for a place where we felt he would get that help. Once we visited with the staff at Soba and heard their philosophy and method, I began to feel peace and felt my son begin to have hope.. I left my only son in their hands. He was 22 years old.  What touched me initially about the Soba facility was their approach of treating the whole person..Not only does Soba address the addiction but also my son received top notch psychological counseling. He remains in touch with his counselor today, 6 years later. His whole spirit changed as confidence within him grew. He was also given one-on-one guidance with career choices and help locating a job after being schooled in job application skills. Furthermore, he was driven to the grocery store where he learned to manage his money while purchasing food and other essentials.. He went on to learn to master preparing the items that he bought so that he could nourish his body as he healed his soul. He continued to be drug and alcohol tested daily to ensure he was progressing in the right direction. He was continually supported by staff that remained on site for an uplifting chat or a shoulder to lean on. On the weekends the whole group went on outings to the beach to play volleyball or on an exhilarating hike. The transparency I felt when talking with those who were directly helping my son was unexpected and refreshing. I was able to go home and not worry 24 hours a day! Of course it was not easy and worry free, however I could not have imagined a more positive environment or successful experience for our family! The ability for my son to remain at Soba throughout the rehabilitation process while also adjusting to the realities of life with help and support from professionals was irreplaceable! I watched as a young adult grew into a self confident, independent man. I can recommend Soba with complete confidence. We tried other facilities where drugs and drinking continued while staff knew about it and we experienced being lied to and promised services that were never delivered. I thank God every day for all that those at Soba helped my son do and become. He has remained clean and sober and is a confident and successful contributor to society today. I do not believe we would be where we are today without their care, support and professionalism.




My daughter Ashley was at Soba Malibu and Soba SanAntonio. She went to Soba Malibu at age 18 when we had a terrible experience at Creative Care in Malibu. She arrived at Soba late one night and Ashley was so over drugged by creative Care she could barely stand up. Greg personally met us and sat with us and personally checked all her things in. The staff couldn’t have been more wonderful.  From the cooks to the therapists.  Ashley was very young as she had just turned 18 and we were at a loss about how to help her. She had a marijuana addiction but while it was not harder drugs it had taken over her life and on top of it a psychiatrist was prescribing klonopin. She spent 2.5 months at Soba.  I don’t think she was ready to put her life straight and 3 months later she ended up back at soba San Antonio. It was the same efficient rehab with wonderful counselors who tried to help. Those weren’t the last rehabs, but the best.Ashley is now 25, clean for 2 years and has a beautiful little girl and another on the way. The road hasn’t been easy But I am grateful for all the support and wonderful people at SOBA who did make an impact. Unfortunately it took a bit more time for her to decide to make better choices and get her life back. I am always grateful to Soba. Please let me know you got my note.  Amy.

For more information and to get started on your road to recovery learn more about SOBA Recovery on visiting them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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