Review: Angelina Ballerina Spring Fling

I drive A LOT because I have 3 kids in 3 different schools and 3 different sports. Sometimes I feel like I spend my entire day driving. My daughter who is 3 is a real trooper and comes with me everywhere we go, but sometimes she gets bored so sometimes I like to put a movie on for her while we are waiting in the car line. Recently I asked to view a sample of the new Angelina Ballerina DVD called “Angelina Ballerina: “Spring Fling”. It is totally girly and all about dance so my daughter was super excited to watch it.


What I like about this movie is that it was actually enjoyable to watch. The characters voices are appealing and not annoying and there is a great storyline for each of the 5 episodes. Teamwork seems to be the underlying theme in this DVD and I love that. Angelina really enjoys her friendships and loves to laugh and dance in all of her adventures.

Spring Fling Episodes Include:

  •         “Angelina’s Spring Fling”
  •         “Angelina and the Front Page”
  •         “Angelina and the New Jeans”
  •         “Angelina’s Trick-or-Treat Feat”
  •         “Angelina and the Poster”


Even Better the DVD has bonus features that include a dress up game and a music video. My daughter loves these and always asks to watch them after the movie ends.

  •         Angelina’s Stupendous Dress-Up Game!
  •         Get Up and Dance Music Video

I highly recommend this movie and because I love it so much I am hosting a giveaway where  one lucky winner will receive a free copy of “Angelina  Ballerina: Spring Fling” You can find “Spring Fling” on Amazon for $12

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