TMNT Mölkky is a fun new game for all ages

TMNT Molkky


So today is a lazy Sunday and my kids were super bored. I decided to pull out this new game called Mölkky and the set we have has Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on them! Both my kids love them so they were excited to learn to play. Mölkky is a Finnish throwing game similar to bowling. This is a game of skill and chance based on knocking over wooden pins called Skittles. Our Skittles are emblazoned with different TMNT characters. To knock the Skittles down you use a Mölkky (it looks like a roll of cookie dough……yes I was hungry when we played) You chuck the Mölkky at the Skittles and some of the Skittles fall down. Those that fall are your points. (If you notice in the picture each pin has a different point value) You then set the Skittles up where they fell and keep going. As the pins spread out it gets harder and harder to get a high amount of points per turn.


TMNT Molkky 2





This game was SUPER fun and both my kids loved it. Even my 3 year old could get the hang of it and she was the one that ended up winning! Which drove my 9 year old nuts!!! She totally got the hang of going for the Skittles with 2 numers on them not 1 (her words). 1 thing I should warn you about though. Don’t play in the house…..unless you have a padded room. I made the mistake of starting this game inside the house but flying wooden sticks don’t really go well with walls, knick-knacks and glass coffee tables (no it didn’t break thankfully). This is a great game for a family of 4 to play and everyone has a blast…..outside. :)

To learn more about this Finnish game go to

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