Pocket Makers are perfect for picky eaters!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary Pocket Maker to facilitate this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Pocket Maker Set

The other day I happened upon this adorable little pocket maker set by Kuhn Rikon. I have always wanted to try my hand at making these delicious delectable’s but had no idea how to do it. I of course have always gotten those frozen PB&J sandwiches which my kiddos love but they cost twice as much as if I make them at home. So I picked up this set and decided to try it myself. What I didn’t realize is that not only can they make PB&J sandwiches but they can make TONS of other things. The set comes with 3 different shaped pocket makers (Circle, Heart and Flower) and a recipe book. They are also dishwasher safe which is a plus in my book! So instead of making the normal pocket sandwich I decided to try a few other items listed in the recipe book…..and see if my kids would go for it.




Pocket Maker Apple Pie collage

I decided to do dessert first….because dessert should always come first :). I chose the heart pocket and the Apple Pie recipe. Now I have made regular apple pie before and it is very time-consuming. This recipe was extremely easy and only used 1 apple! I cut up the apple and sautéed it like the recipe said. Made my shapes out of Pre-made pie crust, filled them and voila! Mini apple pies! One thing about this though is that the instructions say to put flour on the pocket maker after every pocket is made. I of course am not a good listener and did not do that so the only one that turned out super cute was my first one. So heed this warning: ALWAYS FLOUR YOUR POCKET MAKER AFTER EACH POCKET. It came out perfect (well….the first one did) and they all turned out yummy! My house smelled amazing and my kids were excited to try them.

Pocket Maker Buffalo chicken collage

Next came the main course – Buffalo Chicken Pockets. My son asked for the round pocket maker for this one because he didn’t want to just eat flowers and hearts. So I chose the circle,  followed the recipe and whipped up the filling. Again it was super easy and already I knew this was going to be scrumptious! This recipe called for canned biscuit dough with each one cut in half, floured and rolled out. I put the filling in, floured my Pocket Maker (I did it every time this time!) and out came perfect pockets!! I baked them and served them with a side of veggies. My kids and my husband devoured the pockets and of course my kids ate very little of the veggies! They loved everything about the pockets and they loved the Apple Pie ones too. Next time though I am hiding the veggies inside!

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9 thoughts on “Pocket Makers are perfect for picky eaters!”

  1. I have seen these in round form. We used these for making little sandwiches… I like these designs and I like the recipes that you incorporated!


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