Social Membership at Renaissance Club Sport

(credit: Renaissance Club Sport) People’s social networks and relationships can have a tremendous effect on their health and well-being. So staying active and being involved in your community is a huge benefit. One way to accomplish this is by joining the social membership offered by Renaissance Club Sport in Aliso Viejo. They understand that not … [More…]

Whale Watching with Harbor Breeze Cruises

(Photo Credit: Kera Mathes) One of the best things about living in Southern California is that the beach is so close you can visit it everyday. Living here I sometimes forget that we actually do live in Paradise. For a lot of people this is a vacation destination and one of the things that those … [More…]

7 Snack Hacks For Traveling With Kids

Traveling with kids is always an adventure. Sometimes it’s a stressful adventure, sometimes is a fun adventure but most of the time is a learning adventure. When traveling with my own kids, I know that one sure thing to keep them happy and compliant is to feed them. Constantly. The more their mouths are full … [More…]

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