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Inspyr Socks


I consider myself pretty active. I like to get outside take a walk around the neighborhood, get some fresh air and enjoy life. I also am a competitive tap dancer. A few weeks ago I got some really great socks in the mail. They are from a company called Inspyre Socks and they have really cool saying on each one. The saying are motivational which just makes you feel better as you put them on to go work out. They have 3 different types to choose from: Tall Socks, Crew Socks and Ankle Socks. I decided to try a pair of Tall Socks and a pair of Ankle Socks.

Inspyr Socks

Inspyr I Can I Will Socks

The first pair I tried was the Ankle Socks. The motivational saying on this pair said “I Can I Will” They were SUPER comfy and fit just fine in my tap shoes. Not only could I wear these socks when I excercise but I can definitely wear them around the house. They are for sure “Comfy Cozy”!

Inspyr Focused Socks

Right after tap class I put on the Tall Socks. These ones say “Focused” and the word focused is large enough for other people to see. So not only are these inspiring and motivational for me but they are inspiring and motivational for others around me who look at my socks. What a super cool idea!

More about Inspyr Socks

Inspyr Socks was started to spread an inspirational and self-motivating message to everyone that wants one. You see there are people that want to be inspired and succeed and others that can’t seem to find what they want in life. We felt that by spreading our motivational and empowering messages we could make the most influential changes in both groups of people. Simply put, Inspyr Socks wants to INSPYR OTHERS.

When we help one another succeed, the success comes back ten fold to the person who did the inspiring. Using the coolest, trending, colorful product, we decided that socks would lead the way in our THINK IT. BE IT! message. Think about success all the time and there is a great chance you’ll BE IT.

To order your very own pair of Inspyr Socks head on over to their website 

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