Hanging with The Harlem Globetrotters

This past weekend my Family and I were invited to watch the wildly fun and exciting Harlem Globetrotters perform at The Honda Center in Anaheim, CA. If you have never seen these guys perform then you need to stop then you need to immediately go here and book some tickets. Their full tour schedule is very broad and they are traveling throughout the united states, Germany, and Canada.

harlem megatron

Pre-Show Harlem Globetrotters

First they had an MC come out and warm up the crowd with jokes.  Then Globie The Mascot for The Harlem Globe Trotters came out too! He was created in 1993. He was so entertaining and he even does stunts and Break dancing.  It was really need to see boy scout troops sitting in the front row too! I love how they incorporate the community into their shows.


globie head stand

I brought my 3 kids with me ages 11, 7 and 3 and they were all glued to the show. None of them even wanted to get food from the concessions. There were so many tricks going on that my  3 year old daughter clapped every time something happened. Like when this guy did a slam dunk!

gloe trotters drunk

There was so much enthusiasm in the stadium because the Globetrotters got the audience all pumped up! They even bring little kids out on the floor to do some challenges.

harlem globe trotter

They constantly mixed up the show so and were always incorporating the audience so it never got boring. There were 3 rules that were new to this 2014 show.

  • Hot Hand Jersey – Both teams had a “Hot Hand Jersey” they passes among each other.  The player who is wore the jersey  receive double points on made baskets.
  • Make or Miss – The quarter begins with only two players on the court for each team.  When a team scores, a teammate may enter the game.  When they miss, the player missing the shot must leave the court, leaving his or her teammates shorthanded
  • Trick Shot Challenge – Via three challenge flags per team, each coach was able to challenge the other team to make a trick shot.   If the team makes the trick shot, they earn five points.  If they miss, the other team receives five points.

globe trotters

Here is a video of Globie dancing!

I highly recommend seeing this show as a family as it is a great way to share laughter together. For more information visit: http://www.harlemglobetrotters.com/.

Disclaimer: We received tickets to the show in order to facilitate a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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21 thoughts on “Hanging with The Harlem Globetrotters”

  1. I’ve never seen Harlem Globetrotters live, but would love to! In my childhood I remember watching some of their televised shows or special tv appearances.

  2. What an awesome and exciting experience for the whole family. From your pictures, it looks like you and your family had a blast at the show. It’s really great that they mix it up and incorporate the audience so that no one gets bored.


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