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Dark Harbor



Halloween is in full force at The Queen Mary with the addition of another successful year at Dark Harbor. This is such a fun event to go to with a big group of friends, PLUS if you carpool you can split the parking cost. From the moment you enter the gates until the time you leave, you will be screaming and laughing and your voice will be sore when you leave.


Here is some video from opening night of the 2019 season! There are literally bars everywhere you turn even before you walk in. The energy from the captain is so contagious and there is always music playing in the background.

Be sure to  take advantage of the great photo ops including hand-made caskets, skeletons, and so much more. You can ask the monsters/zombies/actors to post for a photo if you wish. They are all really good sports.

The make-up job on the crew is absolutely fantastic. Scary Mary had to be my favorite and they are all so interactive and never break from character. We even had the ringmaster join us and walk through one of the Mazes with us. That was a fun treat!

Mazes and Experiences

If there is one piece if advice I can give to you for Dark Harbor, it would be: Don’t miss “FEAST”. Seriously, this is the best maze they have. I don’t want to give away any surprises but just be ready to crawl on your hands and knees!


  • Brace for impact as The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor releases a storm of fear like no other in the all-new maze: Rogue. Dark Harbor’s newest maze will take guests through the frightening voyage that nearly changed history. Sparking the creation of the Hollywood blockbuster The Poseidon Adventure, the 95-foot wall of blackness sent waves of panic through the marine community and re-defined science as we know it.
  • In one of the newly re-imagined mazes onboard the historic ocean liner, attendees can now walk through the infamous Door 13. Dubbed one of the most haunted areas on the ship, legend has it that an 18-year old crewman was crushed to death by Door 13 in 1967, and now Dark Harbor guests can walk-thru the iconic location.
  • Guests can also venture 6-fathoms below sea level submerged in the notorious Boiler Room to indulge in the newest secret bar offered at Dark Harbor nightly.


  • FEAST: Face the terrifying wrath of Chef as his vengeful staff are joined by the lost souls of poisoned passengers, all hell-bent on serving the living to the dead.
  • INTREPID: Wander through the path of the Iron Master’s wicked wrongdoings to an evil sea witch’s lair, to reveal the deadly pact that drove the shipbuilder to spend eternity as a horrific half-metal creature trapped in an iron Hell.
  • CIRCUS: Escape the Ringmaster and sneak behind the curtains to unveil the horrors lurking within the shadows and dark corners of the Big Top.
  • B340: Retrace the steps of the detective working towards answering the savage 1946 murders onboard The Queen Mary, discover what truly drove Samuel to kill while seeing the true carnage left behind in stateroom B-340.
  • LULLABY: Join the paranormal experts and ship guides who claim there are far more horrendous secrets behind Mary’s demise and her attachment to her loving teddy.


  • The PYRE: The Voodoo Priestess and her Tribe have taken over The Pyre – Fire Stage for nightly captivating and death-defying fire performances.
  • AERIAL RING: Nightly Aerialists will emerge and rise above all with nightly death-defying aerial shows throughout the evening.
  • SLIDER ALLEY: Sparks will fly and hell will be raised as dozens of Dark Harbor’s sinister sliders roam and take to the streets emitting sparks throughout the fog filled harbor as they slide and startle in every direction.
  • 4-D PANIC EXPERIENCE: Sit back, grip your seat and don’t PANIC for the last ride of your life in our 4-D Theater!
  • CREEPY CABANAS: Host a private soiree, order up a freak, and enjoy the views of various shows throughout the night.
  • R.I.P. LOUNGE: Take in the sights with a view of Dark Harbor from above with Graceful Gale in the newly designed RIP Lounge hosting cocktails and a buffet that’s truly to-die-for.
  • SINISTER SWINGS: Take a spin on the infamous Michael Jackson Neverland Ranch Swings that light the sky.
  • MONSTER PARTY: Cap off the night with a party like no other. Dance and let loose with the spirits whose energy never seems to die.

General admission tickets start at $20 online
General Admission + Fast Fright starts at $74
General Admission + Evil Express starts at $94
General Admission + Evil Express + Ultimate Scream starts at $209
RIP Lounge Passports start at $39 (Admission not Included)
Email [email protected] for details on Creepy Cabana & Private Patios
To purchase tickets, visit

$27 Off-site
$40 On-site
For more information:

Videos of Dark Harbor Mazes

Video of Sliders Show


There is a huge variety of food options inside Dark Harbor. The most popular package is the VIP package (21 and older) that includes: VIP entrance, (1) Ticket, (1) Fast Fright Pass (priority entry into event and mazes) & (1) admission to the RIP Lounge and (2) drink tickets located above Dark Harbor, where you can rest in peace with a ghost-eye-view of entire event and only the occasional monster encounter. Discount tickets and promotions are based on availability and subject to change. A processing fee applies to all orders.

VIP Pricing: Starting at $99 for select dates. Limited supply! The VIP admission package includes: VIP entrance, (1) Ticket, (1) Fast Fright Pass (priority entry into event and mazes) & (1) admission to the RIP Lounge and (2) drink tickets located above Dark Harbor, where you can rest in peace with a ghost-eye-view of entire event and only the occasional monster encounter. Discount tickets and promotions are based on availability and subject to change.  A processing fee applies to all orders. Ages 21+.

You can also rent a creepy cabana where you and your friends can sit and relax while enjoying some decadent dessert. Rentals are $79 per night ($60 food and beverage minimum required).

Dark Harbor Entertainment

There are several stages throughout Dark Harbor where you can catch cool performances. We saw a tap dancer, a silk aerialist, and some awesome musicians.

How Much Are general Admission Tickets:

General admission tickets start at just $20 online. Fast Fright, VIP and lodging packages are available. Purchase tickets:


Parking is $40 on site but there are several other options.

Hot Tips:

  • Plan to get there an hour before it starts, because there is going to be a lot of people in line to get in, it goes by quickly though.
  • If you don’t want to go in the portable toilet, there are regular bathrooms next to the B340 line.
  • Walk straight to the back of the queen Mary and do all the mazes on the ship first. These will be your longest wait times!!

For more information visit Dark Harbor on Facebook and on Instagram.

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