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This past Monday my kids all went back to school and I did the most incredible thing…..I drove straight over to Burke Williams for a day or rest and relaxation :)

Not only was it glorious, it was magnificent, and it was much needed. I love my kids, but I also love massages. And Jacuzzi’s. And Steam Rooms. And warm fluffy robes. You get the idea.

Burke Williams recently introduced their newest treatments called Ayurvedic and I had a chance to experience the Shriodhara treatment.  I This is the practice of using traditional herbal blends and warm aromatheraputic essential oils. These time-honored Ayurvedic body treatments will calm the mind, balance the three doshas and create a profound sense of bliss and contentment.

Checking into Burke Williams

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When you first arrive, the first thing you will notice is how good it smells inside. It’s as if they pipe aromatherapy throughout the spa. You check in with the front desk and they give you a locker key that you can wear around your wrist. Then they will show you back to the day spa. There, you will enter a blissful environment where you can hang up all your worries and stresses for the day. There is a whirpool jacuzzi, a cool steam room, a hot steam room, a sauna, a quiet room and several showers. (all showers have shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Plus you can grab a razor and shaving cream if you want to shave your legs).


I suggest arriving early so that you can use all of the facilities before your treatment and then you can use them after, too.

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After you indulge  in a warm whirlpool, slip on your warm terry cloth robe and head into the waiting room for your appointment. Your therapist or aesthetician will retrieve you.

What to expect during your Ayurvedic body treatment

This massage is much, much different than a traditional massage especially in the way of draping. During a traditional massage, sheets are used to drape the non exposed limbs, but in an Ayurvedic body treatment towels are mainly used due to the amount of oil that is applied.

Your therapist with allow you to choose what oil you prefer after smelling several of them. She/he will also show you the Ayurvedic herbs that will be mixed in as well. Lotion is not used during this massage.

You begin face down on the table and your therapist will focus on the 5 energy channels of the head, feet and hands. Ayurvedic herbs are applied to the five points followed by a nourishing, rhythmic flowing massage with heated theraputic oils. Special emphasis is placed on the Marma points, the vital energy points that move electromagnetic energy through the body. Finally the traditional Ayurvedic Balancing Bowl is used on the feet to balance the doshas and remove excess heat or energy from the body.

There is one part of the massage where warm oil is poured up and down your arms and it is such an incredible feeling. It’s a hard feeling to describe but it was very soothing and made me feel very much at peace. I noticed that the massage also got a little deeper, which I liked,  towards the second half.

Finally, at the end, more warm oil is poured on your scalp and you will enjoy a very rejuvenating head massage. I think I heard myself snore more than once which is a great sign that I was relaxed to the point of dozing off. My therapist told me that snoring is music to her ears because it means she is doing her job. Before you get off the table a warm moist towel is used to wipe off your hands and feet.

I thoroughly enjoyed this treatment and my skin felt fantastic afterwards. They do require that you take a shower before you get back into the jacuzzi and I learned a little tip while I was there:

  • To remove the oil from your hair you should put the shampoo in it before you wet it. This pulls the oils away from your scalp. Then rinse, lather and repeat.

Mel in robe-2

Here is a picture of me after my treatment. I felt like I left this planet and went to another one, and I was floating on cloud 9 the rest of the day. Thank you Burke Williams for making this tired mama feel refreshed and rejuvenated. I can’t wait to come back!

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