Burke Williams Skin Care Giveaway

Summer is here and it’s the perfect time to flaunt beautiful summer dresses and sexy skin! But summers also require you to pay special attention to your face due to the heat and warmth of the sun combined with strong winds. Fluctuation in the weather can make your skin dull and rough. This harsh weather … [More…]

Experience Ayurvedic Treatments At Burke Williams

This past Monday my kids all went back to school and I did the most incredible thing…..I drove straight over to Burke Williams for a day or rest and relaxation :) Not only was it glorious, it was magnificent, and it was much needed. I love my kids, but I also love massages. And Jacuzzi’s. … [More…]

Become A Certified Massage Therapist Through Burke Williams + A Giveaway

Burke Williams Academy of Massage Do you love massages? Have you ever thought about the satisfaction you might get from being the person giving that massage? As a massage therapist myself (I practiced for 16 years) I can tell you first hand what an amazing opportunity it is to work in the health industry. Not … [More…]

Give your Valentine The Gift Of Relaxation at Burke Williams + A Giveaway

OK Ladies listen up. Don’t ask for chocolate or flowers for valentines day. You’ll regret eating the chocolate and the flowers will only last a few days. Instead ask your valentine to give you the gift of relaxation instead. If you live near a Burke Williams you are in luck because they are offering three … [More…]

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