2017 Holiday Gift Guide

2017 gift guide



Here are a few items that I absolutely recommend! We have the “coolest” cooler and it is unlike anything you have seen before. It comes with a portable blender, dishes, a build in bottle opener, bluetooth speakers, and more!

We also own an Amazon Alexa and she is so awesome you will be hanging out with her all day! She is an intelligent personal assistant service can play music, tell jokes, read audiobooks, answer questions, set timers, read recipes, order pizza from Dominoes, order ubers and lyfts, turn on and off lights and so much ore. Here is an entire list of things Alexa can do.

The Magic Sketch is the coolest thing since sliced bread. It can replace any coloring book and help with drawing, math and problem solving skills!

The Limelens is a really fn toy for your mobile phone. Limelens offers superior quality smartphone lenses with a greater choice of photo angles, framing and composition. The Thinker, a dual macro/wide lens, and The Captain, a 190 fisheye lens, are the must have tools for any novice to expert photographer snapping away on your smartphone.

Hard Candy Make-up is great for some fun and unique eye shadow color that will make a statement! It’s Formulated with extremely fine, yet dense textured pearls offering Shimmering, silky color. 

Click on the links below to purchase!!!

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