Adorable Free Hallmark E-cards for Valentine’s Day

   Valentine’s Day eCards from Hallmark Call me old-fashioned but I just love sending cards in the mail. I know how excited I get when I see an envelope in the mail box addressed to me, so I like to send “just because” cards to brighten other people’s day. For those of you who are short … [More…]

Chia Zombies Put a Green Scream into Your Halloween

Do you remember the original chia pet? It was an American styled terracotta figurine that sprouted chia seeds within a couple of weeks to resemble a ram’s fur.  First you applied the seeds to a grooved terra-cotta figurine and then moistened them for a couple of days . Finally you would have a fully sprouted … [More…]

The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor Returns October 2

The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor My favorite Holiday of the year is just 3 months away and it’s the perfect time to let all of you Southern California people know that The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor is returning on October 2, 2014. The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor will once again rise from the depths of … [More…]

GIVEAWAY: Free Pasta And Breadsticks For National Tortellini Day

I bet you didn’t know that National Tortellini Day existed? Yeah, neither did I. But that’s OK. Because it really does exist. It’s on February 13th, 2014 and Family review Guide is giving away a free bag of cheese tortellini pasta with creamy pesto and asiago bread sticks, courtsey of Winder Farms. You enter the … [More…]

Freebie! Valentine Printable + Photo Checklist

A FREE VALENTINE PRINTABLE FOR YOU! I recently purchased some darling digital scrapbook papers and I felt creative enough to create a little valentine printable! These are 4×6 so you can order some though your local print lab or just on card stock at home. Write directly on the valentine and gift to a loved … [More…]

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