Toasted or Roasted: Perfect For Family Fun Night

Toasted or Roasted Game

My family loves to play games. On Easter me, my mom Cheryl, my Aunt Patty and my little sister Keri played Toasted or Roasted for the first time. It’s a fun Card/Board game where the goal is to try to toast your marshmallows. The person to get 3 toasted Marshmallows wins! But there are some obstacles along the way that can thwart your attempts at toasting your marshmallows!

Toasted or Roasted Game pieces

The game comes in a large, cute ziplock bag that I thought, at first, contained real Marshmallows. Inside I found the game board, directions, playing cards that have marshmallows, toasted, roasted, wind and rain on them  and cardboard disks that represent your campfire (both lit and unlit) and your toasting fork.




Toasted or Roasted Game Play Use

Everyone gets 4 cards and the youngest player goes first. On your turn you pick up a card and play a card either by playing on your piles, your opponents piles or the discard pile. To get your marshmallows toasted you have to get your campfire lit, put a marshmallow on your toasting stick or fork and then put a toasting card on top of that. All while trying to make sure the other players don’t do the same thing. You can totally screw up your opponents by playing a rain or wind card on their campfire to distinguish it or by roasting their marshmallows so they have to start all over.




Toasted or Roasted winner

While all 4 of us tried our best to get 3 Marshmallows toasted in the end my little sister Keri ended up winning. We played several more times once we got the hang of it. We had a complete blast! This is a great family game for camping or home. My family wants me to bring it the next time we go camping!


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