Tips on Booking Dining Reservations During the Holidays

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Dining during the Holidays is a wonderful tradition. You can create special memories without the added holiday stress by following these simple tips and recommendations for a successful dining experience:

 Tips On Booking Dining Reservations During the Holidays

  • Call at least 2 weeks in advance for a restaurant reservation during the holidays. You would be surprised how quickly they book up. Not everyone wants to cook a honey baked ham for a party of seven.
  • Look up directions in advance if you have never been. Plan on getting there on time with traffic in mind.
  • If you are running late, call ahead and let the restaurant know. They will appreciate the heads up.
  • If you have a special table or a server in mind, or you are celebrating a special occasion be sure to note that in your reservation.
  • If u have small children, make the reservation early around 5pm. This way you beat the dinner rush and can be back for bedtime.
  • If you have any diet restrictions the restaurant might need to know about, let them know in advance so they can check with the chef.
  • Research the menu ahead of time to see if it will accommodate every taste bud.
  • Research the dress code before you go
  • Bring Cash for Valet Tips

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