Teen Driving Contract For New Drivers


It seems like just yesterday I was bringing my colicky newborn home from the hospital and taking him for snooze cruises in the car at midnight to get him to stop crying. Now he will be getting his license in just 20 days and I am terrified at all of the possible scenarios he will face. What is he gets in a car accident? What if he runs out of gas? Will he try to text while he drives? The anxiety is keeping me up at night. Have I mentioned much out insurance will go up??? That fact alone is enough to make someone nauseous.

He is also asking for his own car which is not completely out of the question. Not only would it help us out and eliminate a lot of pick ups and drop offs for me but he just got a job and can help pay towards one. However, there are still so many rules we need him to obey as a new driver. A friend recently posted that she drew up a teen driving contract for her son and I thought it was brilliant. Make your child responsible for their actions and understand that there are consequences to not following the rules. Here are the rules according to the DMV for Minors and below is a contract that you can use or modify.

Untitled document-1


If you are trying to come up with penalties here are a few I have seen:

Penalties for driving contract violations

Drove after drinking alcohol or using drugs – No driving for ______ months

Got ticket for speeding or moving violation – No driving for ______ months

Drove after night driving curfew – No driving for ______ weeks/months

Drove too many passengers – No driving for ______ weeks/months

Broke promise about seat belts (self and others) – No driving for ______ weeks/months

Drove on a road or to an area that is off‐limits – No driving for ______ weeks/months


Good luck to all you parents with new drivers!!

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