How To Rid Your Home Of Ants and Roaches Discreetly

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How To Rid Your Home Of Ants and Roaches Discreetly

Have you ever opened your cabinets to find that your cereal was being shared by uninvited pests? Ants are a real problem in Southern California and they will be around for a long time. One way to maintain your sanity is to keep them away by guarding the perimeter of your house.

I have always been hesitant to purchase traps because they are unsightly and can be embarrassing if you have company over. Recently though, I discovered a new product by Combat called Quick Kill Foam. This spray is clearly the next generation in ant and roach preventative power. It has Micro-Foam Technology let’s you see where you spray, helping ensure complete coverage. The Foam Expands into cracks and crevices where bugs hide, reaching places non foams can’t. Best of all the foam dries invisible and it happens quickly.

Since ants like to climb through our front window (there is a small gap) I sprayed a single layer of Quick Kill Foam and I haven’t seen any since. I will repeat this once a month. I love that no one can see or smell it.

I also sprayed a barrier at the bottom of our front door because we leave our front door open often and sometimes those pesky buggers walk right in like they own the place. You might have read that if you have ant problems you need to bait them so the workers bring poison back to the queen. But not with Quick Kill Foam. It keep the scavengers from crossing the line and entering your home, which is awesome. Foaming action is a nice innovation.

Combat Max Quick Kill Foam Testimonials

The foam also works on Roaches as well and can last up to 10 months. Here are some tips on ant ant roach prevention:

  • Keep the trash can closed, clean, and emptied regularly.
  • Ants and roaches tend to gather beneath the baseboards and underneath the stove, so be sure to clean this area regularly and keep it crumb and liquid free.
  • On top and beneath the refrigerator is warm and attracts insects. Clean these areas regularly, as crumbs tend to collect here.
  • All food should be stored in glass, plastic or metal containers with airtight lids in order to keep insects out.
  • Ants and roaches tend to gather and hide near water, so be sure to repair any leaks beneath the sink, and on the sink top, immediately.
  • All drawers, shelves and cabinets should be properly lined and damage should be repaired immediately to ensure insects aren’t hiding here. Keep lining paper flat so that insects cannot hide beneath it.
  • Keep wet towels and toothbrushes out of drawers and cabinets so that it does not attract insects.
  • Close all exterior openings and cracks with a good silicone caulk.

For more information visit Combat on You Tube.


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  1. The WORST part about those baits is that everyone knows you have ants. I love this discreet solution and that there is no scent. Do you only spray outside?


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