Pleygo: The Netflix of Legos

It seems every time I go to the store my boys ask me to buy them some Legos. We have so many Legos just laying around, Legos that have broke, Legos with missing pieces, etc.. It gets pricey buying new legos all of the time. If you can relate then I have great news for you!

A new Netflix-like rental service for Lego sets is here! It’s called Pleygo. You can get unlimited sets for as low as $15 per month.  No charge for lost pieces, Free shipping, Clean and sanitized. Here is what you do:


Select the plan that best fits your needs. In all membership plans you receive unlimited exchanges per month, one set at a time. You may return the set at any time you wish.

Here are the membership plans:

  • Fan: $15/month, you can play with small to medium sets usually up to 250 pieces.
  • Super Fan: $25/month, you can play with larger sets up to 500 pieces.
  • Mega Fan: $39/month, for the real Lego lover! Play with all sets up to 5400 pieces.

To purchase a plan click here

lego 2

Select the Lego sets you want to build from Pleygo’s inventory. Their collection of sets is constantly being updated with the latest and greatest Lego releases and sets added by new members. You will be sent sets according to the order they appear on your Wishlist.

lego 3

You will receive your set in the Pleygo box with an instruction manual and a spare pieces bag. They clean and sanitize all the pieces so your kid will have a safe Lego building experience. Once your child has completed playing with the Lego set, just place all the pieces in the provided ziplock bag, place it in the box and drop it in any US postal mail box. Shipping is FREE with any of their memberships. Once they get your set, they will mail you the next set on your wishlist.

So what are you waiting for? For a limited time you can do a 1 month free trial! *Offer valid to new customers of the Fan program. First month $15 fee will be waived. Must enter credit card information to qualify. Once completed, members can cancel subscription at any time. Visit to get started.


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1 thought on “Pleygo: The Netflix of Legos”

  1. My son loves this site. The shipping is free and the instructions are clear and easy to use. He builds the models and keeps them for about a week before he gets bored. This idea is great for kids who like to use their hands and try out new sets.


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