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Have you ever wanted to start eating healthy but didn’t know how? Well, that would be me. I love all things bad for you but I knew I wanted to start eating healthy and get into better shape. My weight has been creeping up on me lately. I have a life coach who is also my best friend named Michael. She sent me a whole bunch of smoothie recipes and guess where they went……in my drawer where I can’t even see them. Out of site, out of mind right? Then I found Greenblender. YOU GUYS THIS IS GENIOUS! This is a weekly service that sends you all the ingredients you need to make 5 delicious and healthy smoothies. Each recipe is good for 2 smoothies each so that is 10 smoothies!!


Greenblender unboxing

I got my Greenblender box delivered right to my door and I was so excited! It’s packed really well and kept cold by an insulated bag and ice packs. As you open the box it has all these cute little saying all over like “Hey there good lookin'”. There is an informational brochure, recipe card, pack of 5 large straws (the kind they use for Boba drinks) and all the ingredients are labeled so you don’t ave to guess what anything is. Everything is already portioned out for you too so it takes the guesswork out of it. I could not wait to try it!


Greenblender Butter Pecan

The first one I tried was the very first one on the list called Butter Pecan. The ingredients in this one are butternut squash, a whole banana, pecans, maple syrup, lucuma powder (a powder made from a fruit native to Peru) and coconut milk. Then ice and water of course. I don’t have a fancy schmancy blender so I just used my regular margarita blender. I put all the ingredients in, blended it up and poured it in 2 glasses. One for me and one for my daughter. And we both loved it! It was light, refreshing and tasted great! I couldn’t wait to try another one!

Greenblender Green Queen

The next day was the weekend so I made my hubby and I the Green Queen. It’s green so my kids were not into this one at all…..because I think they are allergic to green foods. Like all kids right? This one has lacinto kale, cucumber, a whole apple, ginger, chlorella (a blue-green algae native to Japan), lime juice and of course ice and water. I put everything in the blender, blended it up and served it. The ginger in this gives it a nice kick and the ingredients make it very fresh tasting. I could actually feel the health going down into my belly. The hubby told me that this one was one that made him feel healthy!

Greenblender Persimmon Mango

The next day I was on my own so I tried Persimmon Mango. This one was my absolute favorite out of the 5. The ingredients in this one are persimmon, cantaloupe, mango, walnuts, camu camu (an Amazonian superfruit), ice and water. I had never worked with persimmon before so I actually had to Google how to cut it up. (Seriously you can find everything on Google.) Cut up the cantaloupe, threw everything in the blender and voila! So refreshing and flavorful! Since I had enough for 2 smoothies I kept half of it and drank it for lunch along with my sandwich.

There were two other smoothies: Bok Choy Matcha and Morir Sonado but I don’t want to give away everything! But let me tell you this. They were delicious! Every week Greenblender will send you something different then the week before so it never gets boring. This service is so easy! So my bestie Michael is happy because I am drinking my smoothies and I am happy because it’s SUPER easy. So it’s a win/win!

Head on over to and sign up for this awesome service. You will not regret it!

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