Fall Photo Tips!


Priscilla here from Priscilla Davis Studio! I’m sharing some fun tips to capture great images this Fall! It’s finally cool (meaning really cold for me) here in Vegas and feeling more like Fall. Halloween is over but it’s still a great month to capture Fall photos before Winter hits. Check out these 10 tips :)

(1) Take leafy portraits (like the one above!): Everyone loves to play with leaves, not just little kids!

(2) Capture a tree-changing time-lapse: Take a picture of the same tree month after month this fall and go into winter. You’ll go from a full tree to no leaves and makes a great collection

(3) Photograph around sunrise and sunset for the best light and color. That warm light going through the trees can’t be beat

(4) Get up close for detailed leaf shots. Leaves have beautiful shapes and colors, let them shine.

(5) Take a step back and take in a wide landscape. Sometimes you need to see the bigger picture.

(6) Head out to an orchard! Las Vegas has the wonderful Gilcrease Orchard.

(7) Look for color contrasts, such as bright red trees against an evergreen background.

(8) Pumpkin shots are still great! Not only for Halloween! There’s still pumpkin pie around right?

(9) When we think of Fall we also think Gratitude. Capture something you are thankful for

(10) Thanksgiving dinner provides a lot of photo ops! The turkey, the stuffing, the table decor and the friends and family gathered around the table. Capture relationships!


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