Disney On Ice – World of Fantasy Review

Once again Disney on Ice offers up another wonderful song filled, colorful array of amazing performers on ice telling our favorite Disney stories.  “World of Fantasy”  is packed with your favorite characters from Cars, The Little Mermaid, Tinker Bell and the Fairies of Pixie Hollow and Toy Story in an exciting and jam packet show.

This week I was able to end a very stressful tax season by taking my little princess and her friend to enjoy the show.   I kept it a complete secret from her and surprised her on the way to pick up her buddy, she flipped out when she got the news.  Let’s just say I recorded the surprise and the video ended with “I am the most awesome mom in the world”, yes I saved the video.  I have proof now of my awesomeness.  I also have proof of how much they enjoyed the show.


We were amazed by how the Cars were able to slid around the ice.  Seems like a huge job to be able to maneuver those large cars around that fast in such a small area. My daughter’s favorite “classic” characters are Ariel and Tinkerbell.  She was super excited to see them perform “Kiss the Girl” and the dancers, costumes and colors were fabulous.  However, the flying Mother fairy got the most response, so many children “ooohing”, “aweing”, and waving with the big hope that she might just wave back to them.

Under the Sea!

Spring is Here.

With all that said, my hands down favorite part was Toy Story.  Not because of the the story line or songs, but because of the ice skating.  To see Slinky Dog, Hamm, Rex, and Bullseye out there on the ice was amazing.  I am not sure if there were one or two people in the costumes, but either way I was impressed.  They had to be on their front feet and or back feet all the while moving flawlessly around the ice.  I saw a couple skaters fall, but these two were perfect.

Disney on Ice – World of Fantasy kept my and many others attention the whole time.  With the great music, exciting skating and beautiful costumes, it is a wonderful time for kids of all ages and those adults who are kids at heart.


For more information visit http://www.disneyonice.com 

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