Craft Time with Crayola’s Color Wonder

Crayola's Color Wonder

I have a toddler and it’s my first time experiencing motherhood. I work from home and only while he sleeps so I find myself constantly trying to teach him and play with him. As fun as this is, I know I can’t ignore the laundry all week. I know he’s still young (19 months old over here!) but I remember growing up and having a love of coloring and creating and I know my little one would LOVE to one day dig deep and be creative. BUT, he’s still little. Tiny even. He eats the crayons…I tried markers and he eats those too haha! In an effort to keep trying and starting young, I knew that Crayola has these amazing products that don’t make a mess and I knew I need to try them out. Enter Crayola’s Color Wonder :)

Crayola Color Wonder-1

I was so excited and I got a ton of great products available at Target. Different stores might carry different products but online you can get just about anything at Crayola’s store. I first let my son play with a kit called, “My First Crayola Mess-Free Marker & Paper“. It has this little cow that is an easy to hold marker. Again, it won’t write on clothes, paper, furniture or anything that isn’t the special paper. I gave it to my son and immediately this…..

Crayola Color Wonder-7

Yes…he tried to eat it! Of course he would. It’s his thing with all things that draw. BUT he did try it a couple of times and I tried with him to make some swirls and make a little art. He got tired of it fast and I knew just what to try next.

Crayola Color Wonder-6

Now we tried the Color Wonder Fingerpaints in this darling little container! The little sponge on the hand container is to wipe off fingers or switch colors completely. He’s too young to use that but I can help him with his little fingers.

Crayola Color Wonder-9 

Look at him go! He was SO curious as to what was in those little pots. He poked and proded and was really mesmerized by the sticky stuff on his hand. I did help him every now and then to put his fingers on the paper but he pretty much figured it out on his own! I think next time I will place some blue tape around the paper to hold it down and it might be easier to work with. I LOVE getting some creative time with this kid! I can just imagine how much fun we are going to have as he keeps learning and growing.

 Crayola Color Wonder-3

Here’s the final product! He definitely had a lot more fun with the fingerpaints and if it wasn’t for my gym time, we would have played a lot longer.

Crayola Color Wonder-2

Crayola did NOT give me these products to review. I just researched and bought something for my son that I thought we could play with! I definitely want to explore more of their Color Wonder products because I know messy hands will be the norm for quite some time. To see more of this little one playing, I’ll be sharing some fun images on my blog so stay tuned!

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