Cow Wow Is The Best Part Of The Bowl

Disclaimer: I received samples of Cow Wow to facilitate this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Cow Wow Organic Milk

Cow Wow Cereal Milk is this awesome new product where they make milk taste like cereal. You know when you have a bowl of chocolate cereal, you add milk and once the cereal is gone what you have left over is the yummy chocolatey milk. It’s the reason why they invented those bowls with the built in straws. But Cow Wow has taken the cereal eating part out of the equation. Cow Wow is certified organic by Quality Assurance International and is loaded with 9 essential vitamins and nutrients. It comes in an 8.5oz Tetra shelf stable UHT processed for 1 year shelf life to eliminate spoilage costs. With only 6 grams of sugar added it’s not only delicious but nutritious!

Cow Wow Kids

When my kids got home from school and saw them on the table they immediately wanted to have them with their after school snack. Cow Wow Cereal Milk comes in 3 flavors. Chocolate Chip Cathy, Fruity Trudy and Cinny Minny. Chocolate Chip Cathy tastes like a chocolate cereal, Fruity Trudy tastes like a fruity cereal and Cinny Minny tastes like a cinnamon toast cereal.



Cow Wow Fruit Trudy

Rylee of course picked Fruity Trudy. Not because of the fruityness but because it was pink. She said “Mom, my favorite colors are pink and purple so I want the pink one!” She loved it and drank it all up within a few minutes.

Cow Wow Cinny Minny

Erik picked Cinny Minny because his favorite cereal is anything cinnamon. He loved it! He said it tasted exactly like his favorite cinnamon toast cereal. He said “Mom you gotta buy more of these! I want to take them to school in my lunch!”

Cow Wow Thumbs Up

And because they are organic, use cane sugar, and loaded with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants,  I probably will be buying them for their lunches. It’s good to know that I can send a drink to school that is healthy, nutritious and tastes delicious!

For more info visit Cow Wow on Facebook and on Twitter.

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